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Everything You Need To Know About The Craig Wright Satoshi Nakamoto Trial In Florida

Either Wright invented Bitcoin, or he’s a con artist.

The story of Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin, keeps getting crazier and crazier…

Three years ago, a California man named Dorian Nakamoto (whose birth name was Satoshi) was reported as the creator of Bitcoin, but he later denied such claims and said that he would never even hear about Bitcoin. 

In 2016, Wright announced that he is the creator of Bitcoin and has access to Satoshi’s private keys, but he was unable to prove this. 

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, claimed Wright was Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright called him a “scammer” and sent a legal notice in his direction.

Can Craig Wright demonstrate with private keys that he is in fact Satoshi Nakamoto? Probably not. But, nonetheless, in a lawsuit in Florida, Wright is trying to prove that he was in fact the author of the Bitcoin white paper that presented the technology behind Bitcoin. 

The Kleiman v. Wright trial has raised more questions than provided answers to clarify whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a partnership between Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman. The civil lawsuit between Ira Kleiman and Craig S. Wright began on Monday, and the final conclusion may reveal the true inventor of Bitcoin, the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

If Wright presents convincing evidence during his defense, beginning next week, that he is Satoshi, and thus hodler of 1.1 million bitcoins, the vocal contingent that thinks this is part of a coordinated fraud campaign would be proven wrong. BitcoinSV supporters and Wrights fans believe that the court will eventually prove Wright’s claims.

In the Kleiman v. Wright case, Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claimed to be behind the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, rejects the claim that he had stolen the property of a deceased person.

The public got its first taste in December 2015. Gizmodo reported that Dave Kleiman may have participated in the invention of the digital currency Bitcoin. According to documents sent to the media, Craig Stephen Wright claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin inventor.

Kleiman argues that David Kleiman was a business partner of W&K Info Defense Research, LLC, which programmed and promoted Bitcoin, as well as mined the 1.1 million Bitcoin that allegedly Wright now holds. Wright denied these allegations and claimed that David Kleiman was never his partner, though he saw Kleiman as a close friend.

However, the Kleiman family claims that David and Wright have worked together for a long time on Bitcoin, which entitles them to half of Craig’s Satoshi wealth. Mr. Wright does not want to publicly demonstrate that he could gain access to bitcoins that he would have access to if he were in fact Nakamoto.

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