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Fear Of COVID-19 Threatens Civilization And Human Life

Throughout his whole life, Ed Bugos, Senior Investment Analyst and Financial Editor at The Dollar Vigilante, always thought that the common cold would wipe humans off the face of the earth in an extinction event. But, not like this. 

“Not by humans over reacting to one,” he told GoldSilverBitcoin. “I saw the farce pretty early on. That is, I started to see a widening gap between what reality suggested about the virus and how people reacted. I saw the fear catch on, and the media spread it. I saw governments react to it, even becoming opportunists.”

Some believe it was orchestrated by governments in cahoots with big pharma and international lobbies like the WHO, which are funded by greedy eugenicists like Gates. Bugos isn’t sure. “Though nothing would surprise me at this point,” he said. “But the lack of individual rationalism and critical thinking and its replacement by what some call “groupthink” is worthy of another chapter in Charles MacKay’s 200 year old classic Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

It would probably fit the second volume, “peculiar follies,” maybe right after the crusades, Bugos suggests. “The over reaction is potentially a lot more threatening to civilization and human life, so effectively it’s like the fear of a cold might cause an extinction event,” he said. “Or fear itself.”

It seems we’re always afraid of something these days, stoked by the government and media of course, says Bugos, who laments the economic plight to which we’ve been subjected. 

“Through a series of moves by various authorities, the spotlight has shifted from the economic plights’ true causes,” Bugos points out. “The virus did not cause the downturn and job losses. Everyone’s over reaction to it, however, did shut down the economy, which will lead to job losses––some permanent, some temporary. And in some cases it’ll cost lives. If it continues it will continue to rack up lives.” 

But, the boom was already weakening before the covid panic set in, said Bugos. The central bank had to abandon its balance sheet tightening to keep it from falling apart, which it would have done because it was unsound to begin with. “The result of suppressing interest rates by injecting new money into the system is an unsound boom that produces what some economists call ‘malinvestment,’ which is just unsustainable over investment in some things,” said Bugos.

Cumulatively, it becomes an overhang of bad investments in the market. “The answer is to liquidate them but the central bank always refuses to do it because it knows that it will draw a lot of fire and blame,” said Bugos. “So the controversy is that the economic situation is originally the central bank’s fault, made worse by the deep state’s totalitarian reaction to fear spread by the media.”

Now, the US is rioting and looting and protesting that “Black Lives Matter.” The mask wearers who demand we all cower in fear forevermore are now gathering in droves yelling all over each other shoulder to shoulder. Cities have burned. What’s next? 

“It’s total chaos,” said Bugos, noting the deep state drew a race card. “And now it’s a race war, which is hugely polarizing.” But, a lot of people are waking up. 

“Not enough by all means,” he said. “But, more than the globalists perhaps expected. The revelations about fake news surrounding the reporting about the virus and its effects may backfire against big pharma’s plans to force vaccines. Likewise, their power grabs are turning the spotlight on the fact that they are not in it for the people, that government and authority lose credibility.” 

These are good things if they happen, he said. “But, the race card is divisive. The politics in the US are divisive. And over several issues: climate change, racism, vaccines, foreign policy, borders, you name it––civil war is coming. There doesn’t seem to be any appetite for peaceful rational discourse these days, which is par for the course if you realize the empire is waning.”