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Gallup: Americans Identify Federal Government As Biggest Challenge Facing Nation

Americans have identified the federal government as the biggest challenge facing the nation for the seventh straight year, according to a new Gallup poll. 

Of more than 1,000 respondents, 19% named the federal government as Americans’ biggest challenge, saying they were unhappy about the government or at least a certain aspect of it, according to the poll released Tuesday. Government outpaces other pesky problems on the list. 16% blame inflation and 12% blame the economy in general. Further down the list, immigration, national unity, COVID-19, and race relations appear. 

According to PEW Research, Nearly 40% of Americans said dealing with federal government agencies is not usually worth the hassle, while 71% said the federal government deliberately hides information from the public. A little more than 60% said that most or all candidates running for office are running to serve their personal interests, rather than those of their communities. 

Only about two-in-ten Americans say they trust Washington DC to do the right thing just about always (2%) or most of the time (19%). When the National Election Studies began asking about trust in government in 1958, roughly three-quarters of Americans trusted the federal government to do what is right nearly all the time or most of the time. 

Trust in government has dropped since last year, when 24% said they can trust the government to do the right thing. Trust in the government among black Americans is lower than a year ago, but still higher than at the end of the Trump administration. 

In a FiveThirtyEight/IPSOs poll conducted with over 2,000 survees,  52% of Americans said that the number-one problem facing the U.S. was inflation—a government created problem. Since March, about 35 to 40 percent of Americans have named one kind of economic problem as their most important issue.   

Photo: Anna Lowe

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