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Ayn Rand’s Galt’s Gulch Vision Now A Reality…And It Accepts Private Money Bitcoin

[heading]Ayn Rand’s Galt’s Gulch Vision Now A Reality…And It Accepts Private Money Bitcoin[/heading]

Jeff Berwick, CEO of TDV Media and The Dollar Vigilante, made quite a stir when he announced earlier this year his plan to open a Bitcoin ATM in Cyprus while the bankers were closed there.

Now, he’s created a place where you can go and use your bitcoins: Berwick’s created something like John Galt’s vision (from Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged), Galt’s Gulch. He’s called it Galt’s Gulch Chile.

The libertarian real estate project is located in Chile. The team in Chile has given the project immense attention to detail to ensure it is in line with all Chilean regulations and environmentally friendly.

And now, the land of Galt’s Gulch just opened up to bitcoiners, who might be looking to cash out some of their enormous Bitcoin profits (Bitcoin is currently at $391). From the PR:

Galt’s Gulch Chile, a Libertarian real estate project in Chile, has become the first real estate project of its kind to accept bitcoin. Designed as a residential organic farming community with clean waters, organic foods, and renewable energy, the project raises the question: What can’t you buy with bitcoin now?

As a philosopher and inventor, it is likely John Galt would have happily accepted bitcoin for the Galt’s Gulch depicted in Ayn Rand’s landmark novel “Atlas Shrugged”.

 Although Galt’s character did not know of bitcoin, his vision has become a reality with the Libertarian- fashioned community, Galt’s Gulch Chile. Today Galt’s Gulch Chile becomes the world’s first Libertarian real estate project to accept bitcoin.

 Galt’s Gulch Chile is a self-sustaining organic farming community located within the mild Mediterranean microclimate of central Chile. This realization of John Galt’s vision holds title to over 11,000 acres of pristine land with nearly 800 liters per second of registered underground and surface water rights. Galt’s Gulch Chile presents, for the first time, the opportunity to purchase real estate with the revolutionary new virtual currency bitcoin.

Bitcoin has soared past all-time highs in recent weeks, reaching a price of nearly $400 in early November. Many analysts have repeated that one barrier to bitcoin’s mainstream acceptance is one’s inability to spend it on practical things.

 Alongside hundreds and thousands of other bitcoin businesses, Galt’s Gulch Chile has changed that.

 Galt’s Gulch Chile spokesperson Jeff Berwick, founder of StockHouse, TDV Media BitcoinATM, has played a significant role in the early stages of bitcoin. Berwick has been on Fox News, CNBC & Bloomberg to discuss the rise of bitcoin.

 “I can think of no better way to invest bitcoins than on real estate, especially legally protected land with clean water and organic farmland in quickly developing markets, like Chile” explained Berwick at a recent Spring Event at Galt’s Gulch Chile.

 “Just like bitcoins, I think land in emerging markets will only increase in value over the coming years. The US dollar and other fiat currencies will continue to collapse and we recommend those holding dollars to divest themselves of those dollars as soon as possible. We also want to show our commitment to bitcoin and accept it very happily as payment for land at Galt’s Gulch.”

 With architectural and ecological master plan design underway, Galt’s Gulch Chile has already invested many months of effort into making Galt’s Gulch a true non-fiction reality.

Please refer to the GGC website for further details on the project and also register for on-going updates and opportunities for living in the community.

I reached out to Jeff Berwick, spokesperson for the Galt’s Gulch Project, and he told me that there were numerous reasons he liked Chile. “Chile has been growing tremendously, and they are definitely entering into the First World. Business is booming, and the private services industry makes sure the people of the country are taken care of. And, best of all, taxes are extremely low.”

Berwick will be on Fox Business Friday morning (and maybe CNBC) talking about Bitcoin & Galt’s Gulch Chile.

For more info:

Corporate and Sales Contact:
Galt’s Gulch Chile
Maria Teresa 6220, Office 505
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile 7550000


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