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Gold Silver Bitcoin: It’s Your Choice

Gold Silver Bitcoin welcomes you to our inaugural blog post. We are now open, serving the public with the precious metals and bitcoin products listed at our website. We come from five years of experience in the bullion industry, with connections to the largest distributors, and an inclination in favor of the digital technology bitcoin. That is why we believe “it’s your choice,” and have begun Gold Silver Bitcoin to make that choice all the easier.

We remember when we were working in the California industry in 2011 as the fiscal cliff approached. Silver had finished its monumental run-up to $50, and we were exhausted from long days under the office lights and 50 pound monster boxes. The whole world was on edge as the US approached the cliff, and gold had begun its run towards $2,000. People were now moving into that market en masse. For the first time more ounces of gold seemed to be flying out the doors than silver.

This time around, the circumstances around the fiscal cliff seem distinctly different than that last time. The people have already become somewhat accustomed to the song-and-dance that is the cliff we’ve actually already gone over. Gold and silver, also, have hibernated essentially since those 2011 respective price-runs.

Although the fiscal cliff has once again been delayed by the elected officials, no worries have been put to rest. Michael A. Peterson, president and COO of the Peterson Foundation recently stated, the agreement “may have prevented the immediate threats that the fiscal cliff posed to our fragile economic recovery, but we haven’t remotely fixed the nation’s debt problem,”

Everyone’s taxes are going up. The Wall Street Journal reported that  “The fiscal cliff bill’s impact would be far-reaching for American taxpayers.”  More than three-quarters of workers are going to see their taxes go up.  All working people are going to be hurt by the tax increase, making more important than ever to increase one’s holdings in precious metals and digital credits.

Many people are pushing for a gold standard of sorts. While this could solve the problem of unlimited money creation, there is the obvious issue of those who own the most gold. We certainly would not want to disrupt the sphere’s power share so that we end up under automatic tyranny. Still, tying monetary policy to resources is the most obvious solution to the wealth destroying policies of the Federal Reserve. It is a step in the right direction and some officials in government are waking up to this by pushing for the $1 trillion platinum coin, however unpractical that idea seems.

But where is the real problem with the monetary system? It is not that the central banks have accidently made a catastrophic mistake that will leave the world in a depression forevermore. The problem is with legal tender laws in effect. The people are forced (literally) to endure the false precept that we must have one system for all payments of debts public and private. The legal tender of course being controlled by banks that have their stockholders interests at heart and not the family of four struggling every year, wondering why they have less and less.

For those that buy precious metals and bitcoin, of course, they don’t live under these false pretexts of having no choice. Their paradigm is one that has no limit. To them wealth, and the exchange of it, exists between two parties and no third party need to be involved. The next step in the evolution of wealth is in their hands because they have made it their choice. We all have this same choice to remove ourselves from this paradigm.

At Gold Silver Bitcoin, it’s your choice. That is really what we want to push. We put this site together as an information portal and a place to acquire those things we know you want, and are looking for anyway. We also hope in the future to offer a diverse selection of how to guides and informational guides and all things Gold Silver Bitcoin.

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