Here’s The Medical Staff Who Green-Lighted Pitcher With Ten Stitches In Pinky

Here’s The Medical Staff Who Green-Lighted Pitcher With Ten Stitches In Pinky

Ten stitches in his pinky after a freak drone accident, Cleveland Indians pitchers Trevor Bauer, 24, could not last through the first inning, lasting just two-thirds of an inning. Throwing mid-nineties fastball unsurprisingly ripped his most ulnar little finger apart as the blood became clearly seen to viewers on TV in a gruesome scene on Toronto’s mound, It surely earned the MLB broadcast more than the “NA” (not applicable) parental guidance rating.

As Fox Sports reported, Bauer had barely healed. In baseball, the sort of departmentalization popular in Wall Street corporations, as well in other industries, have led to different individuals being responsible for different aspects of overseeing players and staff. 

Along with Manager Terry Francona, Lonnie Soloff, 41, helped steer Cleveland Indians to the fateful decision to throw Bauer. In his third year as Senior Director of Medical Services for the Cleveland Indians, Soloff spent ten years as head athletic trainer. According to, “he leads the organization’s efforts in research and development pertaining to physical development, performance enhancement and injury prevention while assisting club executives in short-term and long-term injury risk assessments relative to strategic amateur and professional player personnel decisions.”

Soloff participates in clinical research and lectures. In 2007, he earned the Major League Athletic Training Staff of the Year and Dick martin Awards. He served as the American League athletic trainer for the 2012 for MLB All-Star game.

Warning: Videos are graphic.

During the game, TBS interviewed Francona. “When I saw blood on the rubber, that’s not a good sign things are going well,” he said. “I told him to keep the ball it might be worth something. I tried to make light of the situation.”


As the Toronto fans cheered in a fit of schadenfreude, Bauer waved to them as a member of the Cleveland training staff patted his back. The scene makes you wonder if Bauer was subject in some sort of weird clinical trial to see just how far the pinky could be pushed! Hopefully everything heels well. Needless to say, Bauer is a “beast mode” in the spirit of sports machismo. 

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