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Here’s What Happens When You Type ‘Bitcoin Is’ Into Google

Ever typed Bitcoin into Google? Chances are you had some specific questions you wanted answered. Google offers some interesting suggestions after typing ‘Bitcoin is’ into the Google search bar. 

When you click enter and search Google’s first auto-complete suggestion, “bitcoin is dead,”  numerous articles – and even websites – dedicated to the ‘bitcoin is dead’ phenomenon pop up. 

News of Bitcoin’s death have been greatly exaggerated in the past years. At the website Bitcoin Obituaries, you can read all of the obituaries for Bitcoin posted online by mainstream press and blogs. The search“bitcoin is dying” returns similar results. 

When you search the auto-complete suggestion, “bitcoin is bullshit,” a BitcoinTalk article, “Does anyone still doubt that bitcoins are bullshit?” is the first result. The post recounts prices woes.  “Just another example of a great idea with poor execution,” the post reads. The Bitcoin Bullshit Generator pops up as well. 

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