Here’s Why Apple Watch Shows People Still Love Gold

Here’s Why Apple Watch Shows People Still Love Gold

The high-end version of the new Apple Watch might set a new record in terms of cost for Apple, which is planning to order over 5 million units of the Apple Watch for its initial run, according to a Wall Street Journal report Tuesday. Half of those will be the most basic model, which are expected to sell for $350. A third of the initial run will be an  as-yet unpriced mid-tier model.

Apple researcher Jon Gruber points out that that means about 17% of the initial production run for the new high-end “Edition” model could be cased in 18-karat gold. The Edition model doesn’t have a set price yet, but it is expected to go for more than the  $4,000 Mac Pro, making it among the most expensive Apple products ever.

Gruber shows that the 17% figure between 5 million and 6 million translates to between 850,000 to 1 million units. If the price is $5,000 per Apple Watch and Apple sells 1 million per quarter, that means Apple can pencil in $5 billion in revenue on sales of the high-end Watch.

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That the Apple Watch with gold in it could set a record in terms of Apple’s cost only goes to show how popular gold is, and how very much a part of our culture the precious metal remains.

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