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Hip Hop Loves Bitcoin

[heading]Hip Hop Loves Bitcoin[/heading]

The hip hop industry has long been obsessed with money. From 2Pac to indie artists, making money has been a theme throughout. Much of this is simply the acknowledgement that money makes the world go round, a clairvoyant observation. It is this observation that makes bitcoin and hip-hop a match made in paperland…

Most recently 50 Cent said that he would make his new album, Animal Ambition, available in bitcoin –  0.01373 Bitcoin to be exact. The payment through his Shopify store will be processed through BitPay. BitPay executive chairman Tony Gallippi said,  “We are excited to see high profile independent artists use Bitcoin and 50 Cent’s trail as an innovator is outstanding.”

50 Cent was discovered by legendary hip hop artist Eminem, and went platinum under the guidance of Dr. Dre and Eminem with his album “Get Rich or Die Tryin’.” 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was once shot nine times and survived.

50 Cent has been a noted investor. he invested in Glaceau – the makers of VItaminwater – which made him millions. The company was later sold to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion. He has sold over 30 million records to date.

Jackson isn’t the only music artist to embrace bitcoin:

Snoop Dogg expressed interest in accepting bitcoin for his next record by tweeting something quite funny:

My next record available in bitcoin n delivered in a drone.

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) December 2, 2013

He later exchanged messages with Coinbase and BitPay, stating “I want to make it happen”. He never ended up accepting bitcoin for his record.  Representatives of the singer said it was a joke. The second-half of the tweet kind of gives it away, because while it’s not outlandish to imagine Snoop Dogg embracing bitcoin, it’s hard to imagine his record label has.

The stage has been set for a general adoption of bitcoin by the hip hop community. Two of its biggest artists have flirted with or directly accepted the currency, and the industry, which has historically been aware of money and its attributes, will likely see the utility in the decentralized crypto-currency.

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