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How You Can Get a Gold-Backed Debit Card

While precious metals have long been a store of value, they are not practical for using in everyday transactions. You would need to hold the coins on your person whenever you went to a store. While transacting with gold might make sense for a central bank, it doesn’t make sense for most people and institutions. But, a gold-backed debit card changes this. With a gold-backed debit card, which is a card backed by gold stored in a vault, now gold buyers can hold the metal in their wallet alongside their other debit cards. Here is how it all works.

How Does a Gold-Backed Credit Card Work?

Gold-backed debit cards function like normal debit cards. When you use a gold-backed card, your bank converts the purchase from fiat currency to gold and silver, and then withdraws that amount from your precious metals storage account. Most banks with gold-backed debit cards require you to purchase the precious metals from them in order to minimize transportation costs.

With GolVerCard, you can use your own gold and silver bullion to fund the gold-backed debit card. Many institutions that issue gold-backed debit cards store the gold in Switzerland, though Euro Pacific and GolVerCard use secured storage in other areas.

Where Can I Get a Gold-Backed Credit Card?

Euro Pacific Bank, GolVerCard, Glint, and VeraCash provide gold and silver banking and debit cards to their clients.

Euro Pacific Bank

Euro Pacific Bank offers gold-backed debit cards alongside its transaction and investment banking services. The company initially focused on precious metals storage, and is a licensed dealer with the Perth Mint, where it stores precious metals. At Euro Pacific Bank, you can purchase gold and silver on the bank’s website.


GolVerCard provides a gold-backed debit card for its clients, allowing them to use their precious metal assets to fund the card thanks to diverse secured vaulting locations. The GolVerCard provides backing by Visa and Mastercard, which increases usability.

It has a card made of actual gold and silver for investments for more than $10,000 and a solid, 24-karat gold card for more investments more than $30,000.


Glint offers gold-backed debit card from a user-friendly app. The UK-based company allows clients to fund their gold debit card through the app. Glint has backing from Sprott Money.

Glint backers also include Haruko Fukuda, former CEO of the World Gold Council and NED of Investec Bank; Oliver Bolitho, formerly Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Asia; Hugh Sloane, co-founder of asset manager Sloane Robinson; and Lord Flight Of Worcester, formerly of Guinness Flight Global Asset Management.

“Glint is working with Lloyds in the UK as the deposit holder for customers storing money on their app,” FT reported. “When a customer decides to buy gold through the app, this is used to purchase part of a gold bar that is physically allocated in vaults in Switzerland. The app will initially be available in the UK and Europe from Monday before being rolled out in Asia and the US next year.”


VeraCash offers a streamlined app linked with a Mastercard debit card. When you make a fiat currency deposit, it is converted into grams of precious metals. Your balance is denoted in VeraCash, which is equivalent to the Euro.

Perpetual Assets Precious Metals Access Card

Is a Gold-Backed Credit Card Right For Me?

A gold-backed debit card makes precious metals liquid. Most gold debit card services allow you to use your own gold bullion and silver bullion to fund the cards, making the logistics difficult.