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If Bilderberg Controls The World, Then THIS Is What Will Be On Their Agenda

Bilderberg’s esoteric deal-makings have put them at the center of the debate about who, what, where, when and why in the New World Order. Since their first meeting in the Netherlands in 1954, their storied history has evolved to become a popular meme in Internet circles.

Over the past ten years, thanks to the Internet, the notion that a shadowy network of deal-brokers manage the planet has taken root in the minds of the so-called “meddlesome outsiders.”

If it is true, that Bilderberg is a key steering committee for what’s termed the New World Order, then something very in particular will be on their agenda this year: Bitcoin.

It has already been leaked that one of the key topics to be discussed at this years’ Bilderberg conference is big data and, alongside Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be in attendance.

And what better context in which to bring up Bitcoin then in 2013 at Bilderberg with the Google CEO in attendance.  Not only does Bitcoin undermine the efforts of Big Data to consolidate information and store it via nanotechnology on-and-on forevermore, but Bitcoin also has the banking industry on edge.

A top US Federal Reserve official recently told an international conference that the US is weighing potential risk from online payment mechanisms such as PayPal and Bitcoin.

“We have been talking… with banking organisations over the last year or two, trying more carefully to understand what the concerns are with these new payment mechanisms,” Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen said.

She was confident in the US regulatory framework to stifle free markets.

“In point of fact, at least in the United States, there are regulations that apply to PayPal and other payment providers,” she told the annual International Monetary Conference in China’s financial hub of Shanghai.

“But that said, this is very much on our radar screen and we are carefully trying to identify where the risks are,” Yellen added.

So, if Bilderberg is relevant the managing of human society, then there is no doubt that this year at their meeting, they will discuss decentralized virtual currencies and their implications for the future of the world.

What they will have to base their discussion on is the fact that Bitcoin has come into play on the planet through the process of spontaneous order, and not command and control economics.

This makes Bitcoin one of most unpredictable phenomenon in the world.


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