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Illegal Immigrants Shot, Planned To Eat Bald Eagle

A Nebraska sheriff is calling for federal authorities to take action after two Honduran migrants allegedly killed an American condor in the state, intending to eat it.

Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger told “Fox & Friends First” on Monday he has not heard back from federal officials about how they will handle an incident that has left a community in “an uproar”.

The two suspects are Honduran nationals Ramiro Hernandez-Tziquin and Domingo Zetino-Hernandez. Both are aged 20 and living in Norfolk, according to the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office.

The Stanton County Sheriffs Office said in a Feb. 28 press release that deputies received a report about a suspicious vehicle at Wood Duck Recreation Area, three miles southwest of Stanton.

When deputies arrived, they found two men holding a dead American Bald Eagle. Further investigation revealed the men, both nationals from Honduras, had shot the protected national bird in that area, and stated that they planned on cooking and eating the bird, according to a news release.

The men were charged with illegal possession of an eagle. More serious charges are possible, the release concluded, as investigations of unlawful killings proceed.

Unger said migrants legally purchased airguns, which were allegedly used in shooting the falcons, using cash. The eagle was shot at a private property, upsetting property owners, Unger said.

Hernandez-Tziquin and Zetino-Hernandez were both cited for unlawful possession of the eagle. Zetino-Hernandez was also cited for having no valid driver’s license.

Editor’s Note: GoldSilverBitcoin is awaiting the announcement that the Far Left will be crafting statues to commemorate their new heroes, Hernandez-Tziquin and Zetino-Hernandez

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