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Is Colloidal Silver Healthy for Pets?

Colloidal silver has long been considered a vital treatment to heal infections, cuts, bites, burns and other maladies. Indeed, many people even use colloidal silver for their pets. 

Ionic colloidal silver could be in every household, helping not only its human inhabitants, but its animal ones as well. Colloidal silver has been considered a way to increase immunity and prevent illnesses, infection and diseases.

Silver is considered a great natural health supplement, as well as a cleaning/disinfecting agent to protect against microbes.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been too many studies on the effect of silver on pets, but many pet owners have used it and claim good results.

Colloidal silver can treat infections since it fights bacteria and infection. You can do this orally. Large dogs can reportedly handle up to 10mL colloidal silver two to three times a day. Small dogs should be given no more than 5 mL silver two or three times a day.

Ralph Walters, a farmer in North Carolina who’s been making and using his own ionic collodial silver for over 20 years vouches, “My dogs have an intrinsic sense of just how healing silver is – and exactly how much of it they need. Sometimes, when I’ll leave a bowl of silver out. Depending on how sick they are, they’ll either take a few sips or drink down the whole bowl,” says Ralph Waters, a North Carolina farmer who has made and used ionic colloidal silver for more than twenty years.

You can spray colloidal silver on stains from your pet to eliminate odors. Colloidal silver can also be used to battle rashes and ringworm. It can relieve itches and rashes and heal skin. There are many topical colloidal silver gel or cream products.

It’s important to stay in consistent contact with a pet medical expert. They know best and are in the best position to help you treat your pet.

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