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Jay Dyer: Conservatives Need To Wake Up About Bitcoin

For many years, Jay Dyer was suspicious of Bitcoin. “I was mired in the conspiracy world and was overly negative in my appraisal of everything,” he admits. 

He remembers thinking that, if the federal government would come down so hard on Bernard von Nothaus, a private citizen who minted silver ‘Liberty Dollars’ with the dollar sign pressed onto them and was sentenced to prison, then they wouldn’t allow Bitcoin; if bitcoin is what it says it is, they’re gonna shut that down. 

Dyer thinks they in fact intended and tried for a long time to really shut down Bitcoin. “They didn’t want it to be what it could become, and what it is becoming,” said Dyer on The GoldSilverBitcoin Show. “We’ve actually seen Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton come out and say we’ve got to get rid of this Bitcoin, crypto needs to go away. Even Hillary is on to the fact that cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is a threat to the traditional banking model. And they’re calling it terrorism and all this nonsense. But, the reality is that they’re the central bank terrorists. They’re the ones that are terrorizing the economy, and have been for a long time.”

Dyer laments that Boomers don’t understand younger people can learn in five to ten minutes that the monetary system has been a scam for centuries. “Certain people aren’t ready to grapple with that reality for whatever reason,” said Dyer. “A lot of my audience is probably 25 and younger. They’re a lot more hip to being able to figure those things out a lot quicker. We’re at this point where  the wave has crested and tipped over to where I don’t think that we’re going to see a real shutting down of Bitcoin or any of the stuff that they were threatening in the FUD 8-10 years ago, because I think it’s really proven itself.”

Dyer believes that the blockchain technology promoted by people such as Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum represent an alternate version to the Bitcoin-style blockchain. For example, they feature centrally controlled elements. “The irony is, of course, that the original idea here is to not have a centrally controlled mechanism, but to have a decentralized system,” Dyer points out.

Dyer believes it is central to conservative-minded people or others who might be deplatformed to think about alternatives to Big Tech. “I kicked myself for not getting into this stuff earlier,” he said. Dyer got into Bitcoin in 2017 after hearing about it in 2012. 

“Bitcoin might actually be a great hedge for going into a great reset, because the great reset is going to be a global economic attack,” said Dyer. “It’s a move towards global government, but it’s also an economic attack to centralize wealth and to centralize control. It would be wise for people who want to hedge and to fight against that to go for the systems and the types of things that fight against that.” 

He adds: “[Bitcoin] is a philosophical announcement against the central banking model. That’s precisely what conservatives need to wake up to.” 

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