Just How Much Silver Is In The Super Bowl Trophy?

Just How Much Silver Is In The Super Bowl Trophy?

Silver and gold have been a big part of history, right alongside sports. And that is why it makes sense that many of the world’s most important trophy’s in sports. Yesterday we saw the end of Super Bowl XLIX, and everyone has spoken about the controversy swirling around Pete Carroll’s late decision which might have cost the Seattle Seahawks their second straight Super Bowl.

What people weren’t talking about might be more important: silver’s role in the biggest game of the year in football. The Super Bowl trophy is named after Vince Lombardi.

All of this is known by football fans, but few know that there are 7 lbs of Sterling Silver in the Super Bowl Trophy. That is 95 ounces of .999 Pure Silver.

How can we figure that out?

3.2 kilograms equals 3,200 grams. When that is divided by 31.1, we arrive at how many grams there are in a troy ounce. Thereafter multiply the result by 92.5%, which gives us just over 95 troy ounces of pure silver!

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