Marijuana & Sex Parties Play Little Role In Australia Election

Marijuana & Sex Parties Play Little Role In Australia Election

The sex and marijuana parties have not played much role in the controversy surrounding the Australian federal election, which could  could result in a hung Australian parliament.

The sex party, a civil liberties focused party bore out of a lobby group, as well as the Hemp party, which seeks to legalize cannabis in all Australian states, each collected 0.65% of the vote by Monday morning in Australia. The two parties formed an alliance and are running a “joint ticket” in all Australian states except New South Wales and Victoria.

Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, chose to hold early elections in hopes of securing seats for conservatives in Parliament. The tight election means results won’t be in until Tuesday. Mr Turnbull had implored citizens to cast a vote in favor of stability in times of economic uncertainty – a call to action they did not heed.

As in other anglo nations, Australian political blocs are splintered. Independents and smaller parties, from the far left to the far right, have gained popularity. Nevertheless, the green party seems it will have the same amount of seats as before the election.

Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend that Mr Turnbull’s Liberal-National coalition will lose a wide majority it won in 2013.

Conservatives could maintain its power, though with a reduced majority. It could also lose power if it does not make agreements with independent and minor-party lawmakers. Turnbull’s would be the first single-term government since 1932.

The paucity of mandate for the Liberal-National coalition or Labor complicates Australia’s economic situation. Conjectures posit Australia could be without a government for weeks for which Mr Turnbull has taken responsibility. Some speculated it could lead Australia to lose its AAA rating.

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