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Gold And Silver Prices As Bitcoin Breaks Through All Time High and Keeps Gaining

Gold tried to make a rally this week making its way up to $1617 before being taken down and finishing off the week at $1575.00.

Oddly enough silver did not have as miserable a time as gold did, starting and finishing the week within cents.

Platinum like gold tried to make some headway but fell along the same lines starting off the week at around $1590 and finishing at $1573.

Palladium, although being the best performing metal in the last six months, also came up short losing around 2% to take a much needed weekend break at $723.

Bitcoin started off the week at $34.40 and finished at 35 showing a 4% increase.

This week turned out to be pretty extraordinary for bitcoin as, not only did it continue its bullish rise despite other hard assets being taken down but, it also took out its all time high.

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