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History: BitcoinATM Demonstration

In a riveting talk, CEO/President Evan Rose walked the audience through two transactions: Cash-in and cash-out. In what would represent the first hardware that undeniably brings Bitcoin to mainstreet, the CEO discussed ways in which the spreading of Bitcoin could be achieved through the BitcoinATM. Watch history in the making below:

Government Will Be As Successful At Regulating Bitcoin As Its Been With File Sharing

“If you guys want to be a shill for the financial industry and support a shadow currency that people use to purchase drugs and money with—have a party, man. My job is a regulator; I’m going to look after it.” said CFTC commission Bart Chilton to a group of CNBC television hosts, evidencing his dim worldview.

Commercials Banks Seeking To Compete With Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin having thrown the fits-and-spasms of history on its head, commercial banks are now taking a route other than straightforward co-option in favor of creating their own virtual money.

With individuals all over the world seeing the utility in the low cost of international Bitcoin transfers, some commercial banks want to compete with Bitcoin, according to Kirk Hope, the chief executive officer of the New Zealand Banker’s Association in an e-mailed transcript of an interview with TVNZ television.

PayPal, Western Union & Others Look To Clinch Bitcoin Market

The Money Transmitters – that is, those with the licenses to transfer value – have garnered quite a bit of attention with their public interest in offering Bitcoin services.

Their sudden interest, of course, comes from the power of a law on their side. Bills across the entirety of North America, for instance, dictate that many new Bitcoin-startups are unable to enter into the market cleanly.

Instead, in that space, some of the world’s biggest corporations not only have interest, but have the licenses needed to be a money transmitter.

Marijuana, Tide Detergent, Chewing Gum & Bitcoin: A Basket Of Currencies For The Near-Future?

[heading]Marijuana, Tide Detergent, Chewing Gum & Bitcoin: A Basket Of Currencies For The Near-Future?[/heading]

The dollar fell to a two-month low versus a basket of currencies on Tuesday on the dollar index. Although merely a technicality – a blip in the overall trajectory – the recent weakness continues cast doubt upon the dollar from all around. In places like Colorado, Washington and the Internet, new forms of currency are taking hold: Marijuana and Bitcoin. Both are sterile assets, meaning they serve a purpose other than just as exchange medium.

Ron Paul: The Atavism

Ron Paul pulled something that is quite familiar to sports fans in the 2012 Presidential Election: he threw in the towel. This is a common phenomenon in sports, as players and coaches sometimes bet against their own team, thus leading to lackluster play on whatever field it may be. One of the most infamous examples of this are the 1919 Chicago Black Sox when 7 or 8 players all promised bookies they’d throw the game for a pre-determined payout.

Love & Bitcoin: OkCupid First Online Dating Site to Accept BTC

OkCupid, one of the world’s most popular dating sites, will now introduce Bitcoin to millions of people who have yet to hear of it. Bitcoiners can now pay for a list of functions at the OKCupid website, such as PM’ing individuals with priority messages.

On Tuesday, despite Bitcoin’s recent correction, OKCupid announced its acceptance of the digital currency for users wanting to pay for the site’s bonus features. The popular, free dating site boasts approximately 4 million active users, and will now become on the world’s largest websites accepting Bitcoin.