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A Confiscatory Redenomination of Gold

[heading]A Confiscatory Redenomination of Gold[/heading]

The world has entered into a neo-soviet situation, where prices are fixed just as they were in the Soviet Union. The quicker you come to understand this, the quicker you’ll come to understanding why gold is where it is today.

If you want to better understand the evolution of the gold price in the 21st century, looking towards the Soviet example could help.

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Tomorrow’s Financial Times Front Page & The Capitulation of Gold

[heading]Tomorrow’s Financial Times Front Page & The Capitulation of Gold[/heading]

“The word at the moment is capitulation,” the precious metals analyst at Credit Suisse told the Financial Times for their June 27 edition.

The Financial Times (US) tomorrow will feature the tumbling price of gold. With a large headline that reads “Gold Price tumbles on fears of an end to QE,” the Financial Times pushes forward a flawed storyline in the price of gold. Adding in the June 27 article  that last week’s selling was led by long-term investors, the precious metals analyst at Credit Suisse and Financial Times are sure to add to the low sentiment across the gold and precious metals complex.

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Gold’s Biggest Quarterly Drop Since 1968: A Farce Or Sign of Times?

[heading]Gold’s Biggest Quarterly Drop Since 1968: A Farce Or Sign of Times?/heading]

Gold and silver prices have hit their lowest points since August 2010.  But, are investors and pundits looking at all the wrong indicators? It wouldn’t be surprising if they were, thus leading to liquidation spurred by manipulation and more liquidation. It is the Ivy league types who have buried precious metals under a mirage of arbitrary data points.

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What America Learned From Tony Soprano

[heading]What America Learned From Tony Soprano[/heading]

In this age of NSA wiretapping, it is highly unlikely a family like Sopranos will ever exist, and considering how the public reacted to Edward Snowden, this is a fact that most Americans regret.  As one who respects his elders, I thought now would be a fitting time, in tribute to Jim Gandolfini, to take a step back and see what America has learned from Tony Soprano. Here are some of those lessons:

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Searching For a Critical Mass In Bitcoin

[heading]Searching For a Critical Mass in Bitcoin[/heading]

For a physicist, the “critical mass” is the amount of radioactive material that must be present for a nuclear fission explosion to occur.

For a Bitcoiner, the “critical mass” is the number of individuals that must adopt Bitcoin for the commanding heights of finance and government to adopt true “fiscal responsibility,” thus leaving bitcoiners be…

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