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Playmate Jessica Vaugn Says “Bitcoin Already Won” Versus Gold

Playmate Jessica Vaugn, an outspoken supporter of freedom on platforms such as Twitter, has declared Bitcoin the winner over gold in a debate that has taken both industries by storm. 

“Bitcoin already won as it doesn’t require the sleeping masses to awaken from the spell cast over them,” said Vaugn. “We just opt out.”

The vixen says the “occupying force are revolutionaries who will inflate away any wealth they cannot simply take from you.”

The people are “largely defenseless,” she says, having been “born into fiat terms.” 

In order to understand the current situation, in the U.S. and the west, presumably, Vaugn says one only need to look “to the Maoist revolution.”

The only places to which to escape are Dubai and El Salvador.

When it comes to gold, Vaugn categorizes it with other “Boomer things.” 

She adds: “If you think we haven’t synthesized gold that’s being technologically throttled, or that we aren’t right at that edge, I have some alchemical visions for you.” 

Vaugn then argues the U.S. has no precious metals, leading it to “exploiting other regions to acquire gold. That or mine those asteroids.” 

When fellow tweeters informed her that the U.S. has a mining industry, she said it likely does not produce enough “to make the US tie the dollar back to a gold standard while the ruble is heavily correlated with commodities.”

She says “they’d seize operations” if that were viable. 

“History confirms your govt is happy to do so. Hope the globe isn’t watching.” 

Accumulating precious metals is a “tired goal,” argues Vaugn. 

“There’s no secure actual fixed supply of gold,” she said. “You also can’t immediately vend gold to an entrepreneur in Colombia for actual global commerce in the 21st century.”

Photo credit: Instagram

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