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Polls: Trump And DeSantis Neck And Neck For 2024 Republican Nomination

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) and former president Trump are the favored Republican candidates for 2024, while a majority of Democrats think President Biden should not seek re-election next cycle. The polls are uncertain about who Republicans prefer—DeSantis or Trump. 

According to new polling, U.S. citizens, by 43-29%, said they would rather see DeSantis win the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 than Trump. 13% said they would rather see someone else win the Republican Party’s nomination, and 15% offered no opinion. 

45% of both Republican and independent voters who describe themselves as conservative or very conservative (45%) say they would like DeSantis to be the nominee, while 55% of these same voters say they would rather have him than Trump. In the likely Republican presidential primary between Trump and DeSantis, Victory Insights latest poll finds that over 47% prefer the Florida Gov., while nearly 37% favor the former president.

In a hypothetical Biden-Trump matchup in 2024, Independent women favor Biden over Trump 51%-28%; they also favor Biden over DeSantis 47%-42%. As to who will win Florida in November 2024, pollsters at Victory Insights tested both the DeSantis-Biden and the President-elect Joe Biden contests. 

A new Yahoo News-YouGov poll shows DeSantis leading Trump by 5 points, with 47 % of registered voters supporting the Governor, compared with 42 percent supporting the former president. A new poll says 78 percent of Republicans want Trump to run for president again, while 60 percent say Trump should not. A Quinnipiac University poll found about 64 percent of Americans did not expect Biden to be the nominee in 2024.

Photo: Government Of Florida

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