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An Asteroid Worth $5.4 Trillion In Precious Metals Passes The Earth Today

An asteroid worth $5.4 trillion will pass by the Earth on Sunday and you can watch it LIVE!  The platinum filled asteroid, Asteroid 2011 UW-158, will be streamed from an observatory in Canary Islands.  The asteroid mining company Planetary Resources believes the asteroid has a 100 million ton core of platinum that the company might one day wish to exploit.

The asteroid will pass 30 times closer than our nearest planet, at 1.5 million miles, which is less than half a mile (1km) across.  The asteroid is an X-Type asteroid, meaning it is made up of mostly metal.  ‘It’s always fun when an asteroid whooshes past our world so the Slooh telescopes will be watching live when asteroid 2011 UW-158 passes 30 times closer to us than the nearest planet, on July 19.’ Slooh Astronomer Bob Berman told The Telegraph.

“What makes this unusual is the large amount of platinum believed to be lurking in the body of this space visitor…

Can it be mined someday, perhaps not too far in the future?” he added.

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