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Buy Australian Gold Kangaroos online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first, learn about the Australian Gold Kangaroo and its’ history.


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First introduced in 1987, the Australian Gold Kangaroo/Nugget series has two unique features. A strikingly beautiful ‘two-tone’ first and a packaging to ensure this .9999 coin remains unscathed.

The Austrian Kangaroo Coin is Australian legal tender, and the Gold Kangaroos remain a favorite with Gold Silver Bitcoin clients, and is as recognized as any other major gold bullion coin.

The reverse of these coins depicted an Australian Gold Nugget in 1987 and all previous dates, before a change to the design in the year 1989 which led to the switch to the Kangaroo. Struck from .9999 pure gold, the Australian Gold Kangaroo is the only major legal tender, pure gold bullion coins that change their reverse design annually.

The Australian Gold Kangaroo is officially referred to as the Australian Gold Nugget by the Perth Mint. The coins have been minted in denominations of 1/20oz1/10 oz1/4 oz1/2 oz1 oz2 oz10 oz, and 1 kg of 24karat. Just like the Chinese Gold Panda, the Australian Gold Nugget changes its reverse design annually.

The Gold Kangaroo (or Gold Nugget) series was introduced by the Gold Corporation, a company owned by the government of Western Australia. The issue of coins have two unique features: for one, a “two-tone” frosted design effect as well as an individual hard plastic encapsulation of each coin. These features were unusually for a standard bullion coin and gave the Nugget a unique market niche.

The Gold Nugget series was introduced in 1986 by the Gold Corporation, a company wholly owned by the government of Western Australia. This issue of coins had two unique features: a “two-tone” frosted design effect, and individual hard plastic encapsulation of each coin. These features were unusual for a standard bullion coin and gave the Nugget a unique market niche.
goldkangarooUntil 1989 the coin featured Australian gold nuggets. The design was changed to feature different Kangaroos in 1989 and are today often referred to as “gold kangaroos.”

The Perth Mint created in 2011 a one tonne gold coin, thus breaking the record for the biggest and most valuable gold coin, held previously by the Royal Canadian Mint. Approximately 80 centimeters (31 in) in diameter and 12 centimeters (4.7 in) thick. It features a red kangaroo on the front of the coin and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse. The Face Value of the coin is A$1 million, though at the time of mintage it was worth more than A$53 million.

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