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Buy the Swiss 20 Franc or French 20 Franc online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first, learn about the Swiss 20 Franc and French 20 Franc and their history.


The French 20 Franc was minted from 1899 to 1914. A legal tender coin, the 20 Franc is a great choice for bullion investors looking for historic gold coins at low premiums. The 20 Franc is also a great “survival coin” – that is, a fractional gold coin. Unlike national government fractionals, the 20 Franc is available for a low-premium.

This particular coin contains nearly a fifth of an ounce of pure gold (.1867) and is available in almost Brilliant Uncirculated condition.

Many of these coins feature an image of Liberty on the obverse and the friendly Gallic Rooster on the reverse.  Our good friend, the Gallic Rooster, also known as Coq Gaulois, has served as one of the national symbols of France since the Middle Ages and was an important symbol during the French Revolution, denoting revolutionary vigilance, confidence, and pugnacity. Today, the Rooster is featured on French stamps as the logo French national sports teams, signifying the spirit of liberty and independence.

Whether you purchase a French 20 Franc or a Swiss 20 Franc, you’re buying a world-class gold coin. The Swiss 20 Franc and French 20 Franc varieties are a favorite among Gold Silver Bitcoin clients.

The obverse of the Swiss 20 Franc gold coin features a bust of Vreneli, the charming “Swiss Miss” of Swiss Lore. Her braided hair is accompanied by a garland of flowers and appears against the background of the mystifying Swiss Alps.

Above her head are the words “HELVETIA”, which is why this coin is also referred to as a Helvetica.

The coin’s reverse features a Swiss shield over a background of an oak branch tied with ribbons. The denomination (20 FR) and the date appear on the reverse.20francgold

All Vreneli Swiss 20 Francs were minted in the country’s lone mint facility located in Bern and are composed of 90% gold. 29 known pieces were struck with bright Valaisan gold from Gondo in 1879. The Swiss 20 Franc gold coins are distinguished with a small cross in the center of the Swiss cross on the reverse.


Helvetia is known as a western region in Switzerland, but it once referred to the entire area and its people. Julius Caesar conquered the Helvetii for the Roman Empire in 58 BC. The name stayed with the people and the region up through the beginning of the 19th century. The country indeed was named the Helvetian Republic in 1798 during Napoleon’s rule over the region.

Napoleon defeated,  the Congress of Vienna recognized Switzerland’s sovereign nature. From this point on, Switzerland has remained neutral during foreign wars. Switzerland has been known has a stalwart of economic stability.

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