Mexican Gold 2 Pesos AGW .0482 (Random Year)


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The Mexico Gold Dos Pesos (2 Pesos) coins have almost 1/20th of a Troy Ounce of pure gold in them, or  .0482 Troy Ounces. Compared to other fractional coins, the gold 2 pesos is typically the more affordable gold option for a small amount of gold bullion.  The coins are popular among western coin buyers as well as jewelry buyers – for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces – because of their beauty.

Introduced in 1919, the coins were minted exclusively by the national mint of Mexico, Casa de Moneda Mexico in Mexico City. It is the oldest mint in Americas and was established by the colonial Spanish in 1535.

The obverse design of a Mexican Golden Eagle eating a snake is a classic symbol of Mexico with its roots based on Indian legend. “Estados Unidos Mexicanos ” , translated ” United Mexican States ” , is the official name of Mexico. The reverse displays the date and the denomination within a wreath.


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