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Buy 100 oz. JM Silver Bars with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first, learn about the 100oz JM Silver Bars and its’ history.


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Johnson Matthey 100 oz silver bullion bars are one of Gold Silver Bitcoin’s most popular products.  Since the late 1980’s JM has minted bullion products, and many of their elder products carry large premiums for JM bullion products. Be sure to note that old JM 100-oz silver bars have a serial number, whereas the new JM 100 oz bars do not.

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Rare 100 oz JM Bar, Gold Silver Bitcoin Does Not Stock

Johnson Matthey continues to stamp silver bullion products .999 on their bars, as does Academy. JM bullion would likely assay much higher, but those two companies merely put .999 fine on their silver bars.

The 100 ounce Silver Bar isn’t for everyone. But, nonetheless, for someone really stacking, the 100 ounce bar, in our opinion, is the ideal fit, even more so than 1,000 ounce Silver Bars.

The Rothschild-Matthey Connection

In silver & gold shops across the United States and beyond, a constant refrain of customers is: “do you have any Johnson Matthey?” The customer is referring to the silver products of Johnson Matthey, refiner of precious metals products. The company has been a banner make of gold, silver, platinum and palladium products for decades after having been in business for approx. 150 years. Not only do younger generations seek the luster of Johnson Matthey, but so too do many veteran precious metals holders.

percivalnortonjohnsonThe story of Johnson Matthey dates back to the days of its founder, Percival Norton Johnson, who, in 1817, set up business as a gold assayer in London. In 1851, George Matthey joined the business, thus resulting in a new business name: Johnson & Matthey. The very next year the firm was appointed Official Refiner to the Bank of England, among the most noblest of appointments. The company had branches in the cities of Birmingham and Sheffield. From these stores the company supplied the jewelry, silverware and cutlery trades.

From that data which can be gathered via the internet, the incipience of JM’s relationship with the Bank of England also seems to mark the incipience of the company’s relationship with the Rothschild family, as, by this point in history, the Rothschild family had gained massive control over the levers of national banking in the United Kingdom, and historical data suggests represented then-and-still one of the most powerful families of Europe, if not the

For more than one hundred years from the 1850s until the 1960s, the London gold and silver markets were rigged by five key brokers: Moccatta & Goldsmid, Sharpls Pixley, N.M. Rothschild, Samuel Montagu and Johnson Matthey. These original five would give certain rise to the London silver & gold fixings by which the gold market is—from its London-based command-and-control center—manipulated and ultimately rigged. (Today, members include: Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Bank USA, N.M. Rotschild & Sons and the bank of Novia Scotia-Scotia Moccata)

“The story of the gold-fixing has often been told. How every weekday at 11 a.m. the representatives of five firms of bullion brokers and one firm of refiners meet at the office of Messrs. Rothschild (except on Saturday) and there fix the sterling price of gold. There is, however, a great deal of activity which lies behind his final act — this centralization of the demand for, and the supply of gold in one office and the fixing of the price of gold on that basis. A price of gold is first suggested, probably by the representative of Messrs. Rothschild, who also acts for the Bank of England and the Exchange Equalization Account.”.100ozJMbarsAnd so, the so-called “Club of Five,” privileged by the blessings of Messrs. Rothschild, set the world price for gold in multiple currencies. For over a century, executives at Johnson Matthey rubbed shoulders with what is perhaps the most powerful family in all-the-world, colluding on the price at which to buy and sell gold, the entrenched core of the planetary money system.

The silver & gold fixings, the first of which took place in 1919, still take place twice daily at the premises of N.M. Rotschild & Sons, whose representatives act as chairman. Euphemisms aside, this London Gold fixing is a cartel. In many countries, price fixing is illegal and persecuted under law. It is practiced when powerful interests arrange to agree on the price at which to buy and sell a currency, commodity or stock. Clearly such practices are antagonistic to free associations amongst individuals.

When compared to those made by Rothschild, some bullion holders indeed might notice the similarities in sizes and shapes of bars made by Johnson Matthey, which raises suspicions that Matthey may have made many of them under contract for Rothschild or vice versa.

Many Johnson Matthey products trade at huge premiums on popular sites such as eBay, which nominate them for semi-numismatic status. That precious metals buyers are able to, in the face of transnational market manipulation, ignore the elephant in the room—that is, one of the most popular bullion companies on the market, JM, is cohort to the upper-echelon of banksters—is a curious psychological tick.

Buy the 100 oz Johnson Matthey silver bar today with Bitcoin (<10k), wire or check. It’s Your Choice. 

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