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Buy Silver Austrian Philharmonics online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first, learn about the “Phil” and its’ history.

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The Austrian Silver Philharmonic “Monster Box” is a site to behold. This Monster Boxes’ cardboarddiffers greatly from the plastic of the Royal Canadian Mint and the US Mint in their Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and Silver Eagle Monster Boxes. However, along with its tall, gray capped tubes, this helps to make the Austrian Silver Philharmonic stand out as in a class of its’ own.

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic coin is among the most beautiful nationally minted silver coins. As the number silver coin in Europe, the Philharmonic is considered the silver legal tender coin of Austria.

The face value of the Austrian Silver Philharmonic is 1.5 Euro face value. The Philharmonic is .999 fine silver and acceptable for your precious metal IRA, making it one of the most recognizable coins in the world and highly liquid.

The Silver Philharmonic is a 1 ozt  silver coin, which is clearly stamped onto the Silver Philharmonic reverse.  Exempt from IRS 1099B brokerage reporting, the Silver Philharmonic a favorite among Gold Silver Bitcoin customers.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Specs

Diameter:  37mm (1.46 in), thickness of 3.2mm (0.13 in).

Face value of 1.50 EUR.

The edges are reeded.

Austria has been the crossroads of many Empire, imbuing the 1 oz. Silver Philharmonic with much history. The nation is set between Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Switzerland. Once the center rof the Hapsburg Empire, Austria found itself at the center of the First World War. After having gained “Independence” in 1918 – although most nations in the world had signed onto the League of Nations – Austria would then be taken over by Germany at the onset of World War II.

The land has a vivid cultural history, perhaps arisen from a breathtaking landscape.  This has given rise to a strong musical history, as Austria is the home to Mozart, Schubert, Strauss and others, the Silver Austrian Philharmonic, just like the Gold Austrian Philharmonic, features images of instruments and the Vienna Music Hall.

The Austrian Mint Story

The Austrian Mint is in the lovely city of Vienna, Austria, home of great music and the seed of much psycho-analysis in the 1920s, such as Wilhelm Reich, The city is responsible for minting the National Austrian Coins. Since 1989 the Austrian Mint, producing on of the worlds’ most popular bullion gold coins, has been a public limited company and a subsidiary of the National Bank of Austria.

The design originates within the Austrian Mint, and the Austrian Mint stamps all Silver Philharmonic coins. In 2002, the Mint ceased stamping “Schilling” into the coin, the European Economic Community became the euro-zone that the State warned of in 1984 by George Orwell appeared onto the world scene for the very first time in world history.

The Austrian Mint is responsible for not only the design, but also the stamping of all coins it produces. Until 2002 it was only responsible for minting the coins of the Austrian Schilling, but after it has been responsible for the producing the Austrian euro coins. The mint also supplies circulation coins and blanks to many countries across the world.

An interesting historical antidote, Duke Leopold VI of Austria was paid 15 tonnes of silver by Richard the Lionheart. On his way back from the Crusades Richard was captured and imprisoned by the Duke in retaliation for a prior insult and paid the bounty to secure his release from prison. Leopold decided then to thus trike silver coins. Thus, minting in Vienna began. Vienna’s Mint, to be sure, was not mentioned in historical document for two hundred more years.

Buy a Monster Box of 500 Austrian Silver Philharmonics online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire or check. It’s Your Choice. 

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