Silver Rounds 1 oz.


Buy 1 oz. Silver Rounds online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first, learn about the 1 oz Silver Rounds and its’ history.


Goes Well With:
10oz Silver Bar
100oz Silver Bar

The most common and simplest of the 1 ounce silver bullion coins as well as the lowest premium of any .999 silver 1 oz coin. There are many variations of the coin as many mints have released their own 1 oz silver coins. What is important to look for is that the coin has either 1 troy ounce .999 or “fine” silver.

1 oz silver rounds are a low premium solution for one’s precious metal buying needs. As with all silver, a substantial store of wealth is quite bulky, but nonetheless these silver coins do store conveniently in coin tubes, which generally come in stacks of twenty coins.

There are myriad private mints of silver, and so therefore even more styles of rounds. The images on a silver coin can vary from Marilyn Monroe nude (including breasts), Merry Christmas 1986 rounds to patriotic 9/11 commemorations. Familiar to many is the Max Keiser silver round, released by Northwest Territorial Mint and included the saying, “Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation.

I suggest purchasing a variety of 1 oz silver rounds for bitcoin, wire, check or money order, but staying away from the Merry Christmas ones of the 1980s and other scads. These, it could be argued, are less liquid due to the psyche of the investor, even if objectively the silver content is the same as any other round.

They are a low premium alternative in the same family of silver retail products as 100 oz silver bars, 10 oz silver bars, 1 oz silver bars and 90% junk silver. These products have in common that they are either privately minted or low premium when compared to the national government coinage. As always, be sure to nudge your bullion dealer for the nice ones and maybe take a bit off the top (it’s important to practice bartering), but make sure they can keep on paying their bills!

Silver has been regarded for more than 4,000 years as a form of money or store of value. Since the end of the silver standard, however, in the 19th century, silver has not been legal tender in most developed countries like the United States.

In 2009, the main demand for silver was industrial (40%), jewelry, bullion coins and exchange-traded products.  In 2011, the global silver reserves were 530,000 tonnes.

Millions of ounces of Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins and American Silver Eagle coins are purchased as an investment each and every year. The Silver Maple Leaf is legal tender at $5 per ounce and there are many other silver coins with higher legal tender values, such as $20 Canadian Silver coins. Silver is legal tender in Utah, and can be used to pay all debts.

Silver is also obviously seen as a hedge against inflation, deflation and devaluations. As one portfolio manager put it:

The currencies of all the major countries, including ours, are under severe pressure because of massive government deficits. The more money that is pumped into these economies – the printing of money basically – then the less valuable the currencies become.

Buy 1 oz Silver Round today with Bitcoin (<10k), wire or check. It’s Your Choice. 

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