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What to know about Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan Silver Dollars, which were minted in the 1800s and early 1900s, contain 90% silver (the rest is copper), are semi-numismatic coins.
There can be a large spread between the buy and sell prices on Morgan Silver Dollars.

The silver content of a Morgan Dollar is actually just a shade over three quarters of an ounce (.7732 troy ounces).
Both Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars can be bought in bags, often called “culls” or “worse than culls.”

When it comes to graded Morgan Silver Dollars, prices vary greatly based on mintage year as well as the condition in the year.
Don’t take a salesman for it.

Morgan Silver Dollars that grade below AU-50 are worth just their silver bullion value, save for a few exceptions –– Morgan Dollars minted at Carson City, for instance,
The U.S. Mint produced hundreds of millions of Morgans during the 1800s than were ever put into circulation.

And so a great many sat in vaults.

In fact, the United States Mint made more than a half a billion Morgan Dollars between 1878 and 1904.

Nearly ¾ of these were melted down before being issued. The majority of the Morgans in the marketplace today didn’t leave the U.S. Treasury vaults until 1960.
Therefore, Uncirculated Morgan Dollars are extremely common. Be aware of this fact when you go to buy Morgan Dollars.

More Morgan Dollars have been given high grades by the numismatic ratings agencies, such as PCGS and NGC, rare coins fetch higher prices.
Proof Morgan silver dollars are a popular investment option.

MS-65 graded Morgan Dollars are expensive compared to MS-60 and MS-63, but are more rare.

When it comes to the precious metals rating services, the best ones are PCGS and NGC. They are considered to have the best grading standards.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) represents the industry standard in third-party precious metals certification, including Pre-1933 gold.

PCGS graded coins come in tamper-evident, sonically-sealed, high-security capsule as a method of reinforcing its Guarantee of Grade & Authenticity.

All coins graded by PCGS are guaranteed to be real.