MS-64 $20 Liberty


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MS-64 $20 Gold Liberty
Among the most beautiful coins minted by the United States, the $20 Liberty coin is considered a numismatic coin bar-none.

The $20 Liberty gold coin rarer grades, like MS-65, are much rarer than the same grade in Saint Gaudens.

Designed by James B Longacre, the $20 Liberty features Miss Liberty donning a crown which has the ‘Liberty’ inscribed into it, with thirteen stars, representing the original 13 colonies, surrounding her and the mint-date of the $20 Liberty in question.

The reverse features a bald eagle behind a striped shield. The words „UNITED STATES OF AMERICA arc the coin’s top.

Legislation in the middle of 1849 approved the minting of the $20 Liberty gold coin. Approximately two of these coins were minted in December of that year, one of which is currently located in the Smithsonian.

The $20 gold coin was not common to day-to-day consumer transactions, since $20 was a considerable amount of money in the 19th century. The $20 Liberty gold coin, rather, was used for bank-to-bank transfers and payment of debts to foreign investors.

The $20 Liberty Head is in a class of its own when it comes to top-notch beauty out of a pre-1933 rare gold.


MS-64 $20 Gold Liberty $20_Liberty_MS_64_ReverseThe MS-64 grade coin has average luster and strike, with several small contact marks which appear in groups, and perhaps one or two moderately heavy markets present.

 The MS-64 numismatic coin contains one or two small patches of hairlines which may appear, and noticeable light scuff marks or defects, often within the design or in the field, could deter from a coin’s overall appearance. The overall quality is attractive, with a pleasing eye appeal. Should there exist copper on as per the coin’s composition, then expect slight dulling.

The MS-64 coin could have light scattered marks; perhaps a few are in prime focal areas.  Perhaps hairlines are a few and scattered or in small patches, while a luster that is average gives way to an overall eye appeal that is quite attractive. Also Known As: Mint State 64, MS64, Choice Uncirculated, CH BU, CH UNC


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