VF $20 Liberty

VF $20 Liberty



Among the most beautiful coins minted by the US Mint, the $20 Liberty Head is among collector’s favorite coins.  It is considered to be “THE numismatic coin of the United States”, especially with rarer grades like an MS-65 being much rarer than the same grade in the Saint Gaudens. $20libThis implies fewer of these coins exist in such beautiful condition than Saint Gaudens and other rare US coins.

The $20 Liberty design was conceived of by James B. Longacre. The coin features Miss Liberty donning a crown which has the word ‚LIBERTY‘ inscribed into it. Thirteen stars encircle, which represent the original 13 colonies, as well as the mint-date of the coin.

The reverse features a bald eagle behind a striped shield. The words „UNITED STATES OF AMERICA arc the coin’s top.

The Coinage Act of 1849 approved the minting of the $20 Liberty gold coin. About two of these coins were minted in December of that year, one of which is currently located in the Smithsonian.

The $20 gold coin was uncommon in consumer transactions, since $20 was a considerable amount of money in the 19th century. The $20 Liberty, rather, was used for bank-to-bank transfers and payment of debts to foreign investors.

In 1866,the motto “In God We Trust” was added to the Liberty Coronet double eagle, creating a second subtype. In 1877, the coin’s denomination design on the reverse was changed from “Twenty D” to “Twenty Dollars” creating a third and final subtype for the Liberty Head series. $20libertyhead  20LibWebObvWhtBkg-285x285

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