VF $20 Saint Gaudens

VF $20 Saint Gaudens


$1,404.0000 $1,380.0000

Buy the $20 Saint Gaudens’ Double Eagle online with Bitcoin (<10k), wire, check, money order. But, first learn about the “Double Eagle” and its’ history.


Theodore Roosevelt went to an exhibition of ancient Greek coins at the Smithsonian in 1905. Quite impressed by their artistic beauty and symbolic power, Theodore Roosevelt decided US coins were too unworthy of the United States.

His vision was a new generation of coins that would represent American’s greatness, representing its emergence as a world superpower.$20saint3Augustus Saint-Gaudens was the man for the job, decided Roosevelt.

At the turn of the 20th century, Saint-Gaudens was the most prominent sculptor in the nation.

An influential overall in the fine arts world, Saint-Gaudens influence welt surely felt across the continent.

Saint-Gaudens agreed with zest to rework the nation’s coinage, and first began work on the Double Eagle $20 gold piece.

This coin would eventually go onto be known as a Saint-Gaudens.

Before the new version of American coins had been completed, Saint-Gaudens passed away.

The Double Eagle‘s obverse bears Saint-Gaudens’ work from his monument to General William T Sherman in New York’s Central Park.

It features Lady Liberty in foward stride towards the viewer, and out of a rising sun, hair flowing, with a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. The coin is unscripted “Liberty” above her head.

Until 1849, the largest face-value denomination for gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint was $10. The California Gold Rush, however, provided the impetus for a larger gold coin.

$20saint2 The Coinage Act of 1849, a limited number of $20 gold coins called Double Eagles were struck. These these coins began to be produced in larger quantities in 1850 and continued until 1933.

Throughout a 84-year production run, only two major obverse designs were used Liberty Head (Coronet) and Saint Gaudens. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.

The reverse of the coin features a bald American Eagle in flight above the spiraling rays of a rising sun. Inscripted upon the coin is “United States of America” and “Twenty” Dollars” arching across the top.

Minted from 1907-1933, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles were minted from 1907 to 1933 in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Denver. They are .90% gold with .9675 troy ounces of pure gold. They are 34mm in diameter.

What does VF (Very Fine) Mean?

Very Fine

Very Fine means light to medium wear, with all major features visible and sharp. “Very Fine” means a coin with about 75% of the original design remaining in a sharper manner, with minor details like hairlines and feathers potentially worn off.

Sometimes, VF grade is further subdivided into 11 (or sometimes 16) sub-grades ranging from VF20 to VF30 (or VF35), allowing for more specific distinctions.

Generally speaking, however, a raw coin will be seen as simply “VF” before being handed a lower or higher grade.

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