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Putin says “niet” to Great Reset

“This is a civilizational conflict,” says Tom Luongo, whose work you can find at Putin is standing up for Russia, albeit in his own flawed way.

“There are many ways that we can criticize Putin for the way he’s prosecuting what he’s trying to do,” says Lungo. “That’s a perfectly fair conversation. There’s plenty of things to criticize Putin about, mostly his soft spot for Europeans.” If true, perhaps the soft spot originated In the eighties, when German-speaking KGB officer Putin was based in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in East Germany. 

Luongo says Putin has watched over the years as the World Economic Forum (WEF) assimilated power. In reference to Putin and Schwab having known each other since the early nineties, Luongo notes the WEF is not the same organization today that it once was.

“In 1999, it didn’t have the same level of power, didn’t have its hooks into everything. It didn’t have these grand plans of social engineering.” Furthermore, Putin is a former intelligence officer. He must practice keeping his friends close and his enemies closer, suggests Luongo. Either way, he asserts Putin makes it very clear where he stands on the World Economic Forum agenda.

“Go read his transcripts of the last time he was at virtual Davos. I did. He literally told Klaus Schwab, while being interviewed by Klaus Schwab, ‘every aspect of your great reset is dumb and is going to kill millions of people. And I’m not on board with it.’”

He adds: “Putin tells the great reset ‘niet.’”

Luongo notes Putin’s body language was very clear when speaking to DAVOS and the Great Reset. “He was viscerally angry during the two speeches he made setting off this war—the recognition of the Donbass and then the declaration of war on Ukraine. Both of those speeches unnerved me, because I’d never seen Putin that angry. He was viscerally angry and viscerally offended because he found something that unnerved him and forced his hand.”

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Tom Luongo on The GoldSilverBitcoin Show