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Rand Paul To Run Most Innovative Digital Campaign Of Any Candidate, And Welcomes Ideas


You see in the following post OkayBitcoin making the point that bitcoiners could inject their views and opinions into the presidential debate by telling Rand Paul what he needs to know about Bitcoin:

Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul has pledged to implement the most innovative digital and tech effort of any of the 2016 presidential candidates, and he is welcoming ideas, making the Rand Paul 2016 presidential campaign a significant forum for the Bitcoin community to inject their ideas into the election.

As Mr Paul wrote on his Facebook from San Francisco on Saturday at a discussion called “Disrupting Democracy” aimed at Millennials and the Silicon Valley crowd:

Proud to open our San Francisco work space this afternoon. I plan on running the most innovative digital and tech effort of any candidate in 2016 and welcome any ideas. We need to defend privacy rights and support entrepreneurship.

Paul fielded questions on net neutrality, NSA surveillance and Millennial voters during the discussion, which was formally titled “Disrupting Democracy: A New Generation of Voter Engagement.”

The event was co-hosted by Lincoln Labs, a Libertarian “technology and policy think tank” as well as Brigade, a civic engagement startup by billionaire Sean Parker.

“Some people might be thinking what the hell is a Republican doing in San Francisco,” Paul told the capacity crowd at the shared incubator workspace StartupHouse at 934 Howard St, where he has opened a “tech hub.”

“I think young people are looking for something genuine,” Paul said. “You need to go where young kids are.”

The Presidential candidate also facebooked a photo of the event, with the following status:

Wonderful time with entrepreneurs and liberty lovers at the StartupHouse in San Francisco. We are the only campaign on either side of the aisle that has tech space in America’s start up hubs of Silicon Valley and Austin, a Chief Technology Officer, a robust digital team, a tech advisory board, and a strong belief in privacy rights.

Paul is a politician from Kentucky who has been serving in the United States Senate as a member of the Republican Party and is the son of former US Representative Dr Ron Paul of Texas.

Paul has been a critic of the Federal Reserve and opposed NSA mass surveillance, and supports a reduction in government spending and taxation. Paul officially announced his candidacy for the presidency on April 7, 2015, and that he would accept Bitcoin for his campaign.

For more on the Paul campaign, you can click here. What sorts of Bitcoin related issues would you like to see Rand inject into the nation’s political debate? Let us know in the comments section.

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