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RED ALERT: Get Out Of The Cities. If You Don’t, You’re INSANE.

You need to get out of the cities. As the United States heads for economic collapse, permanent martial law, quarantine camps, and the like, now is a good time to get away from Communist hot spots. Now, usually people think getting as isolated as possible is the best way to survive, but we argue that is not so important. People are generally good, and nothing to be afraid of.

If you’re in a small town, however, an organized criminal element can easily outnumber the good people. In larger towns, the good people can more easily outnumber organized criminal elements with violent proclivities.

Plus, the more isolated you are, the easier it is to take you out with a predator drone without the worry of collateral damage. If you have a redoubt in the middle of nowhere, special operations units could easily surround you on all sides and disappear you. So, sometimes, blending in isn’t so bad. With that in mind, here are some options for you in order to at least get away from the internment camp cities. 

United States: 

1. Wyoming

The State of Wyoming, which has blockchain-forward laws, is the least populated state in the United States with approximately 500,000 residents. The population density is about 5 people per square mile for a state with about 97,800 square miles total. The state ranks 14 out of 50 in violent crime rates, and has favorable gun laws.

Among the states benefits are its low population density, low crime rate, and no income tax. Open carry is legal and commonplace, with “no-permit required” concealed carry enacted in 2011. 

Wyoming, however, experiences brutally cold winters; particularly at higher elevations. The minimal growing season makes the added investment of a greenhouse necessary for the true prepper. Snow year-around is a possibility. Missile fields, which overlap with northern Colorado and parts of Nebraska, in the southeast corner of the state make it a potential target in the event of war. 

If you can stand the cold, Wyoming’s lack of an income tax makes it an attractive redoubt. If you have savings, you will be able to store lots of food, fuel, and a greenhouse. The state is home to natural gas areas…

Wyoming has favorable gun and tax laws. Its severe climate and growing season are something to consider when making your final decision about where to settle in anticipation of the collapse.

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2. Idaho

With a population of 1.3 million, Idaho has approximately 2.1 million cattle. The population density is about 15.5 per square mile, and the state has 83,437 square miles. It ranks 11 out of 50 for violent crime, and has favorable gun laws. 

The very low crime rate makes this an attractive place for a redoubt. Low property taxes, inexpensive building permits, and small government add to the attractiveness of Idaho. Idaho has the most wilderness of any of the continental United States (21.6 million forested acres), with only Alaska having more. 

Idaho has minimal gun laws, with machine guns, short barrelled rifles and shotguns, and suppressors all legal to own after a $200 Federal tax and background check. Open carry of handguns is legal and fairly commonplace. CCWs are required for concealed carry outside of city limits, and load guns in cars is legal and commonplace. Automatic knives are legal to own and carry and home schooling is minimally regulated. 

The state has low population density and low elevation portions of the state have mild climates. People enjoy excellent hunting and fishing in many parts of the state, so you’ll have access to proteins even when SHTF. The high ratio ownership bodes well for transportation. 

Unfortunately, Idaho has a high income tax, and most of Idaho’s lands are owned by the federal government under the National Forest and Bureau of Land Management. At higher elevations winters are cold, so property in lower river valleys are likely a better choice. 

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3. Montana

With a population of 903,000, Montana has a population density of 6.1 per square mile. The state has 147,000 square miles and has the 26th highest violent crime rate. The state has favorable firearms laws. Crops like potatoes, sugar beats, sorghum, alfalfa,grass hay, and grains are grown there.  

With its low population density, non-intrusive government, Montana offers tangible benefits. Some detractors include cold winter, especially east of the Great Divide, a short growing season. There is not a lot of crop diversity in Montana, and Montana’s missile fields are in the Russian target structure. Due to their milder climate and distance from the missile fields, make the lower elevation areas our recommended choice. 

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4. West Virginia

West Virginia has a population of 1.8 million and is not far from DC. Our thinking here is that being under the chin of the New World Order might offer some protection in this state which ranks 38 for population density with 77.1 people per square mile and ranks 31st for violent crime in the United States. 

The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia provides an ideal mix of defendable, affordable, and self-sustainable properties. Its close proximity to DC offers a job market for people looking to work. With that said, much of West Virginia is insulated from urban chaos and martial law. The government of West Virginia is more laissez-faire than east coast states, though taxes can be higher. 

West Virginians appreciate rugged individualism, freedom, and self-sustaining lifestyles, so you can meet people and form a network. The low population in most counties makes it easier to assert control over local government. West Virginia is an open and concealed carry state. 

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5. South Dakota

You should consider South Dakota simply due to that not a single business was told to shutter as The Great Lockdown spanned the globe, and then the first responders threw a parade for the governor, who surely was under immense pressure to lockdown. With a population of 754,800, South Dakota has a population density of 9.78 per square mile. 

The state is 77,100 square miles and ranks 19 for violent crime. The state firearms laws are not as good as the above-listed rankings. South Dakota has low population density and a total tax burden of 8.9%. Some minuses include cold winters and short growing season, and also major nuclear targets. 

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8. Utah

Utah has a population of 2.23 million with a population density of 26.2 people per square mile. Utah spans a total of 84,900 square miles and ranks 49th for violent crime. Utah doesn’t have the most favorable of gun laws, as you need a concealed carry permit in order to open carry. 

This state, whose families are generally very prepared for The End Of The World As We Know It, is best if you’re a Mormon church member; 

The Church recommends one year of food storage. Homes generally have large pantries. Utah is home to the two safest metropolitan areas in the country, including Orem, which is ranked #7, and Provo, which is ranked #9. Salt Lake City has some crime on the west side. 

Ground water is scarce in parts of the state, and most plentiful.

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9. Kauai

Kauai is only a good option if you have the means to buy a farm and grow food on it. We’ve listed it here because Alex Jones mentioned it as a bug out location, if he wasn’t going to remain in the purple state of Texas, behind enemy lines, to lead a frontal assault on the new world order. Hawaii is dependent on imports for most of its goods so in the events of economic collapse or natural disaster, the island could go a while without new food. It does have a long growing season. 

Mangos are grown June -October; Lychee is grown from May through August; Rambutans are growing September-March; Passion fruit is grown all year long; Dragon fruit is grown June-fall; Star fruit grows in the fall; pineapple is grown during the summer months; avocados are grown years around, bearing fruit in the spring or fall depending on the variety; and, Papaya is grown year around.

Kauai, which is probably the most liberal option listed here, has a total area of more than 562 square miles, and is the fourth largest Hawaiian island by area.

The island has a population of 67,091 people per the last census data in 2010, with a population density of 106 people per square mile.

Hawaii permits open carry and concealed carry of handguns on the person with a Hawaii license to carry, however, these are only valid in the country of issue. The minimum age is 21 years old. The state income tax varies from between 1.4% to 11%. 

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The United States is headed for an economic collapse, if not a Civil War. Tensions are running high. The historic patriot movement will likely be labeled an insurgency by the failed state, if the US institutions can no longer govern. Although most people won’t take this plan of action, the safest bet when a country is going into total collapse like the United States is to leave the country. Those who left the Soviet Unions as the Bolsheviks took over fared  betterthan they would have under Communsit rule. Those Jews who left Germany before it was too late fared better. Below are some international options.


Despite mass protests as of late, Chile has been among South America’s most stable and prosperous nations, leading Latin America in income per capita, state of peace, economic freedom, and education. Many expats live in Chile already. Chile is a fully developed country with modern cities and flourishing countryside. Its lower cost of living than North America when it comes to rent and fresh food, as well as easy access to tourist visas good for 90 days, make it a flexible destination. You can qualify for a Chilean Retirement and/or income Visa with a provable income of $500-$1,000, and Entrepreneurs can gain residency simply by starting a business. Foreigners can get a visa by working for a Chilean company.

New Zealand

Silicon Valley elites have set up shop in New Zealand as their redoubt. Peter Thiel considers New Zealand as “The Future.”  In the book The Sovereign Individual,  co-authors James Dale Davidson, a private investor who specialises in advising the rich on how to profit from economic catastrophe, and the late William Rees-Mogg, long-serving editor of the Times, write about the benefits of New Zealand in the event of an economic collapse. 

New Zealand’s economy has historically been built on agricultural products like wool, meat, and dairy. Other activities entail pastoral farming, milling of forests (forest), Horticulture (kiwi fruit, wine, apples), Arable crops,  aquaculture, and beekeeping.


As the most isolated country in Europe, Iceland is located hundreds of miles from other lands. The country has lots of resources and is powered by geothermal energy from the country’s active network of volcanoes. Its coastal waters have abundant seafood. In 2008, Iceland endured the near total collapse of its banking system, making its people and country more resilient than those in which the can was merely kicked down the road.


Switzerland was a safe haven in many ways during World War II. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, the country is probably the best place to hide out in continental Europe largely in part due to its diplomatic neutrality. Switzerland has been neutral in every major conflict for the past several hundred years. Swiss agricultural land is very fertile. 

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