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Roger Ver Weighs In On The Block Size Debate

Roger Ver weighed in over the potential increase in the Bitcoin block size today. He noted his deep respect for people from each perspective on the issue, and lamented the censorship seen on certain Bitcoin forums.

“Censorship is never the answer,” Ver noted.

Bitcoin’s ability to “resist financial censorship” is what first attracted Ver to Bitcoin. He implores the Bitcoin community in his note, posted on his website, not to censor itself.

“Currently, many people seem to be under the false impression that bigger blocks mean fewer full nodes on the Bitcoin network, leading to more centralization, and a higher likelihood of governments being able to subvert, censor, or otherwise control Bitcoin,” Ver wrote. This is not the way Ver sees it.

“If this were true,  I would certainly oppose any increase to the block size, but I think this is clearly wrong for several reasons.” One of Ver’s main reasons for using Bitcoin XT is to increase the block size limit to 8MB. This means “room for eight times as many Bitcoin users, so that would mean up to at least 48M users from the current estimated 6M,” the Bitcoin investor wrote.

“…It should be clear to everyone that bigger blocks will likely mean more full nodes around the world,  and therefore more decentralization, not less.  This will make Bitcoin even more difficult to control, censor, or be stopped by anyone, including governments.”

Roger Ver responded to questions and comments in the article section of the until the publishing of this article. The full article can be read here.

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