Ron Paul: The Atavism

Ron Paul: The Atavism

Ron Paul pulled something that is quite familiar to sports fans in the 2012 Presidential Election: he threw in the towel. This is a common phenomenon in sports, as players and coaches sometimes bet against their own team, thus leading to lackluster play on whatever field it may be. One of the most infamous examples of this are the 1919 Chicago Black Sox when 7 or 8 players all promised bookies they’d throw the game for a pre-determined payout.

Just months after Paul threw in the towel, he then went to ICANN – controlled by the UN – in order to file a complaint that his rights had been violated by the owners of, a group with no connections or permission to/from Ron Paul. In specious text, at one point offered to Ron Paul for $250,000.

In my mind, and in an extreme libertarian’s mind, the free market is right, and, in this case, if Ron Paul wants, he is on the hook for $250,000. I think that it is likely the former Presidential candidate could get $250,000 out of the domain name in a reasonable amount of time. Even if Ron Paul has a legitimate claim to the domain (though he lacks a trademark), I think it is incredibly near-sighted for the former multi-decade Congressman to go an international governmental body that has basically turned into a confiscation mechanism for corporations of domain names they argue they have a right to.

After defending gold, Bitcoin says “its a little bit too complicated…if i can’t put it in my pocket” i don’t want to use it. He also says that Bitcoin does not fit the definition of money that’s been around for 6,000 years. “If you don’t have a computer and somebody running the calculations” then you don’t have Bitcoin. But, a similar statement could be made of gold. For instance, many individuals who do not own mines, own gold.

I like Ron Paul. He strikes me as a good guy. But, he is a lifer politician. That means he is willing to compromise. Although politics is everything in our totalitarian age, going into the belly of the beast, in Washington, is more likely to change the individual than the institution. It is a lifelong in Washington that has possibly led to his inability to understand Bitcoin. That and his age. After all, the younger generation have grown up in the digital sea.



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