Royal Mint Employee Steals £133,000 in Gold By Putting it Up His Rearend

Royal Mint Employee Steals £133,000 in Gold By Putting it Up His Rearend

Gold-Brit-Sov-Pre-1933What if the  Gold Sovereigns you were looking to buy had been up someone’s bum?

The Royal Mint has been known for beautiful gold and silver bullion products at the national mint level. Their Britannia is not so common in the US, but is in Europe and, of course, the United Kingdom.

They’re also known for producing the coin to our right: the British Sovereign, an old and storied coin.

According to the Sun, a Royal Mint employee was found guilty of attempting to smuggle £133,000 worth of gold bars in his buttox.

Leston Lawrence denied the theft charges. He lost in courts after evidence showed he had “vaseline and latex gloves: in his locker “which could have been used to insert [the gold] into his rectum,
said Canadian judge Peter Doody…

Lawrence was known to set off metal detectors. He did so 28 times between December 2014 and March 2015. He was frisked multiple times by security staff, but managed to leave the building with stolen gold.

A judge at the court in the Canadian city of Ottawa, in Ontario, ruled Mr. Lawrence “clearly had the opportunity” to steal the gold. He worked alone. Security cameras would not have caught him slipping gold ‘pucks’ into his pocket.

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