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Saylor: MicroStrategy To Start Focusing On Bitcoin Applications

Michael Saylor, the executive chairman of MicroStrategy, revealed on a Dec 28 MicroStrategy Twitter Space on that the business analytics firm plans to deploy software and solutions powered by Bitcoins Lightning Network by 2023. 

“We have teams working on it and are looking to bring something out by next year. We expect to show something in the first quarter.”

Saylor has been big plans for the Lightning Network. 

“What if we actually created an enterprise deployable Lightning wallet on one side, and then on the other side … what if we created an enterprise server that you could use to monetize any website?”

The American mogul also said MicroStrategy is targeting the millions by focusing on the Lightning network. 

“We want to make it possible for any enterprise to spin up a Lightning wallet and a Lightning wallet architecture in the matter of an afternoon and deploy it to [thousands or millions of people].”

Saylor, the executive chairman and co-founder of MicroStrategy, revealed that MicroStrategy is looking to launch the new product in 2023 after a Q1 showcasing, and that the company is looking to do more for the BTC ecosystem with Lightning Solutions.

Saylor, shared that MicroStrategy is exploring software and solutions leveraging Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, such as solutions to support corporate marketing, and cybersecurity solutions targeting enterprise websites. 

Saylor also said in the Twitter Spaces that the company’s “Bitcoin Armed” event coming soon on bitcoin would have an agenda on the topic of “Bitcoin Lightning Network for Corporations,” which is expected to go into more detail about the company’s plans for how the company wants to learn about and contribute to the ecosystem, as well as driving increased adoption. 

MicroStrategy also wants to be able for any business to spin up lightning infrastructure on a day, said Michael Saylor, executive chairman at MicroStrategy. 

The business analytics company had earlier planned to launch a lightning wallet for businesses, as well as a Lightning server, and was looking to hire a software engineer to lead it. 

Saylor revealed that MicroStrategy may build a Light Plug-in, allowing businesses to reward their customers with small amounts of bitcoins (satoshis) when users apply for online credit cards, left reviews, or completed surveys. 

During the conversation on Twitter Space, Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, explained that CMOs could potentially leverage Lightning Network to incentivize customers, such as giving a reward in the form of satoshi, for engaging in activities like posting a good review or filling out surveys.

Saylor highlighted that, as part of his move from CEO to executive chairman, MicroStrategy was able to put additional focus into exploring ways that MicroStrategy can not only buy and hold BTC, but contribute in positive ways to the bitcoin ecosystem.

Saylor envisages the Lightning version of the “Netscape browser,” which will involve “something like” a Lightning wallet that holds dollars and various cryptocurrencies.  He sees the Lighting network as the “internet of money” and hails its “inspirational” work. According to bitcoin website trackers, MicroStrategy hodls one of the world’s largest Bitcoin stashes. By late December 2022, MicroStrategy held 130k BTC worth over $2.15 billion, more than 3X the amount held by Galaxy Digital.

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