Sex Goes On Sale In Brazil Ahead Of Olympics

Sex Goes On Sale In Brazil Ahead Of Olympics

Rio de Janeiro prostitutes have put their sex on sale ahead of the  2016 Olympics, which are just one month away.

Sex workers located in the city’s well-known Vila Mimosa district are offering 30 minutes for 40 reals ($12 USD) – a 48% discount from 75 reals ($22.50) – for visitors to the Olympics games. A thirty minute threesome is advertised at 40 reals per girl – $12 USD each.

The discounts come after a disappointing World Cup in Rio for sex workers there, when an anticipated surge in John’s never came to fruition.

“We were all expecting so much from the World Cup, but no one turned up,” one woman told The Daily Mail. Another sex worker told the paper that prostitutes were offering deals “like a supermarket.”

Fearing a World Cup repeat, prostitutes have produced leaflets in English offering the discounts. The leaflet is reportedly targeted at Olympic athletes, who reportedly have no trouble finding sex at the games – the Rio Olympics organizers are giving each athlete 84 condoms.

The oldest prostitution zone in Rio de Janeiro, Villa Mimosa is home to dozens of bars and nightclubs, as well as a marketplace. Brazil’s struggling economy has affected Brazilians across the country. Experiencing the worst recession in a century, the women of Villa Mimosa fear a failed Olympics.

One woman told The Daily Mail:  ‘We were all expecting so much from the World Cup, because everyone told us demand would be huge. We all thought we’d make a fortune. ‘We put big TV screens in the road for the men to watch football, we put on barbeques, and Brazilian music parties.”

The month long World Cup tournament, which came to Rio in 2014, drew approximately a million foreign visitors to Brazil. Despite hosting the World Cup, the nation’s Gross Domestic Product dropped by 3.7% that year.

The economic conditions in the country have turned excitement for the games into anxiety. Although the country will pay approximately $20 billion to host the games, it will  only bring in $4.5 million in revenue. Olympic cities usually lose money.

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