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Silverbugs Guilty Until Proven Innocent

[heading]Silverbugs Guilty Until Proven Innocent[/heading]

Looking for drugs, drug detection officers in Newcastle found something quite different on a 34-year old man they searched: a stash of silver bullion. No mind-altering substance in tow, it did not matter, for the man had his silver taken and must appear in court.

Police are looking for the owners silver bars and coins they confiscated after investigations proved the man could not prove he owned them.

Officers involved in a drug detection operation found the bars and coins after stopping the 34-year old at Broadmeadow railyway station in Newcastle in July.

He was found not to be carrying drugs, but five kilograms of silver bullion including three one kilogram silver bars, two one kilogram silver coins and 75 smaller silver coins worth about $6000, according to police.

The man was issued with a court attendance notice for goods in custody and will appear in Newcastle Local court October 8.

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