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Sudan Gripped By Acute Inflation Crisis As Inflation Climbs to 80%

Sudan is suffering an acute inflation crisis, with the annual inflation rate ballooning to 80 percent, the government said Tuesday. With an annual inflation rate now at 81.64 percent in March, compared to 71.35 in February, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, food prices are soaring in the east African nation.

After authorities increased bread prices, one Sudanese pound now buys only a 50-gram loaf of bread, compared to 70 grams before. The Sudanese stand in line for hours to buy staple foods or gas up their car.

An economic crisis has hit the country in the year since protests led to the military ouster of Omar al-Bashir after a 30-year-rule. The anti-Bashir protests flared up in late 2018 in response to the government tripling bread prices and then calling for more power.

The coronavirus outbreak have hit the poor economies of the world quite hard. Sudan’s economic woes were further compounded by the coronavirus outbreak and “The Great Lockdown,” as the IMF has called the response to the coronavirus crisis. Sudan’s economy has also been subject to US sanctions, while in 2011 the oil-rich South Sudan declared independence.

Despite Washington lifting some sanctions in 2017, the country remains on a US blacklist as a state sponsor of terrorism. A transitional administration took power in August and is pushing Sudan’s international standing and to boost ties with the U.S.

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