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Posts tagged as “blockchain”

US Space Force Secures Systems With Blockchain

The United States Space Force (USSF) and the U.S. Air Force Research Lab has tapped blockchain firm Xage Security for the Force’s security system. Xage Security said the contract targeted end-to-end data protection for the USSF and that it will use its blockchain-based Xage Security Fabric solution. 

According to the company, Xage Security Fabric can secure all systems and removes single points of entry so hackers can’t wipe information. USSF can verify who accesses systems, ensures satellites remain online, even if ground equipment goes offline, and protect data until fully transferred to operational units. Xage Security won an earlier U.S. Air Force contract in December 2019.

Inside Microsoft’s Sci-fi Human Body Tracking Cryptocurrency

Microsoft has applied for a patent of a cryptocurrency system using body activity data. In the filing, the multinational conglomerate argued that, as a part of a cryptocurrency mining process, a task can be given to a user to complete. The cryptocurrency system can give a task to your device instructing you to complete a “human body activity.” 

The Future of Defi, Web3 and the BIG Investment Opportunities

Framework Ventures invests in the decentralized finance space, which is a niche in the blockchain industry focused on decentralizing finance. “If we think about decentralized finance requiring either a pool of liquidity or a pool of capital,  there’s nothing bigger and better than Bitcoin,” said Michael Anderson of Framework Ventures. “If there is a model that can enable liquidity to either leverage or incorporate Bitcoin––in some way, shape, or form––or any of the other major multibillion dollar assets, that would enable a lot more activity and a lot more potential activity than what we’re seeing on Ethereum.”