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Royal Canadian Mint Releases Latest Coins in Gold and Silver Bullion Series

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has made a splash in the silver and gold investment community as late with many of their limited mintage bullion coins, such as the Wildlife Series and others, including the Birds Of Prey silver bullion coins and the Call of the Wild gold bullion coins, the latest coins of which were recently released.

Gold Volatile On Draghi’s QE & Far-Left Syriza Election

With gold dropping Monday due to news in Greece of the far-left Syriza party winning Sunday’s general election, which resulted in the euro falling to 11-year lows in the wake of Mario Draghi’s fateful decision to implement quantitative easing, the fate of Europe has become ever more uncertain. With a lot unfolding in Europe, the spot gold price at $1,282/20/1,283.00 fell south to $11.20 on Friday’s close, trading within an intraday range of $19. By Tuesday it had climbed $13, spelling out the high volatility of the time.

Stock Market Tops & Gold Manipulation Suits

Mainstream press pundits are themselves surprised at the bull market the world has seen in stocks, and many are beginning to note that, soon enough, investors themselves will grow wary about investing in the stock market.

The price of gold bullion since March has come down approximately $100 per ounce, and since 2011 the price has fallen from nearly $2,000 an ounce to its current price of approximately $1,300.  The story is similar for silver, which fell from its high of $49 in April 2011 to today’s price of $19.50. Many analysts on mainstream press have indicated that the gold bull market is through, but the evidence points towards the contrary.

Changes In The Gold Market & The West’s Declining Power

Many nations have recently called for a new multi-polar regime for global governance. The very core of such a notion betokens one thing; namely, the disuse of the US dollar. Not only have Russia and China called for such a “New World Order” but so to have US allies like France, South Korea, Brazil and India. This has major implications for what Washington can do in the world and at home. Washington depends on demand for the US dollar, and that demand is fading. This comes at a time when programs like quantitative easing have resulted in more dollars circulated than ever before. Well, these will be repatriated over the coming decade as nations like China and Russia trade for oil in renminbi or another currency.