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Changes In The Gold Market & The West’s Declining Power

Many nations have recently called for a new multi-polar regime for global governance. The very core of such a notion betokens one thing; namely, the disuse of the US dollar. Not only have Russia and China called for such a “New World Order” but so to have US allies like France, South Korea, Brazil and India. This has major implications for what Washington can do in the world and at home. Washington depends on demand for the US dollar, and that demand is fading. This comes at a time when programs like quantitative easing have resulted in more dollars circulated than ever before. Well, these will be repatriated over the coming decade as nations like China and Russia trade for oil in renminbi or another currency.

Russia Prefers Gold To US Paper

[heading]Russia Prefers Gold To US Paper[/heading]

The United States (US) and the European Union (EU) have threatened sanctions against Russia, but even these efforts have seemed lackluster, as namely Europe seems reluctant to step on Russia’s toes. In the meantime, Russia has made moves to tighten its relationship with emerging world superpower China, causing those two nations to move towards closer trade and sometimes trade that circumvents the US Dollar altogether.

Since the Ukraine crisis worsened this year Russia and China have worked closer together, but there are some things Russia is not interested in selling to China, and what they are might be very telling for investors.

Gold Mine For Sale In Bitcoin

[heading]Gold Mine For Sale In Bitcoin[/heading]

One gold miner is selling his gold mine, but don’t offer him Federal Reserve Notes – he prefers bitcoin…

An unknown parent company of a Yukon, Canada, gold mine is for sale on high-end bitcoin-specific marketplace BitPremier for the asking price of $2m in BTC, potentially the highest priced bitcoin sale ever on record.

The price tag for the gold mine is more than 3,000BTC. This price includes the gold mine itself, all its associated assets, including $1 million worth of actual mining equipment, the rights to one mining property and the lease agreement to a seperate mining lot.

7 Companies Apple Could Have Bought That Are More Innovative Than Beats

[heading]7 Companies Apple Could Have Bought That Are More Innovative Than Beats[/heading]

Originally appeared at Bitcoinomics

What will come of Apple’s $160 billion stockpile? That question has grown murky since the 2011 passing of founder/CEO Steve Jobs. A little light was shed last week when a big announcement was made, and now some wonder: is Apple going to go on a spending spree? Is Silicon Valley about to hit it big, again, all thanks to Apple? Time will tell. What’s for sure? Apple has just made its biggest acquisition.

Apple (AAPL) is nearing a $3.2 billion acquisition to buy Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics. Many have suggested reasons for the purchase, but nobody really knows. One occurring reason, the simplest explanation, is that Apple sells music, and people listen to music with headphones.

Facebook Entering PayPal’s Payment Processing Turf

[heading]Facebook Entering PayPal’s Payment Processing Turf[/heading]

With Facebook looking at PayPal as possible new competition, the social media behemoth is look beyond the obvious solution in front of their eyes: their use of Bitcoin.

Instead, Facebook will still with the old electronic method of payment – the credit card – despite mounting evidence that a new era of virtual currencies is upon us.

Facebook will be testing a new payment product that would enable online shoppers to make purchases on mobile apps using their Facebook login information, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.