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Plata O Plomo: A Look At The Mexican Drug Cartel’s Obsession With Silver

[heading]Plata O Plomo: A Look At The Drug Mexican Cartel’s Obsession With Silver[/heading]

The Mexican drugs cartel boast about the “plata” – spanish for silver – they bribe townspeople with. The refrain “plata o plomo” is well-known to those who follow the drug war.  And the drug war just crossed the border into the US.

The cryptic messages popping up on El Paso, Texas billboards, reading “silver over lead” and “dying for drugs”, adorned with hanging mannequins, have been interpreted as a warning to police, and has the American city bracing for violence…

Two billboards were vandalized. The messages are seen as meaning that police and business owners can either take drug cartel bribes or die.

Bitcoin: The End Of The Money Taboo?

[heading]Bitcoin: The End Of The Money Taboo?[/heading]

“The most powerful forces, those that interest us the most, are not in a specular and negative relation to modernity, to the contrary they move on transversal trajectories. On this basis we shouldn’t conclude that they oppose everything that is modern and rational, but that are engaged in creating new forms of rationality and new forms of liberation.” – Negri and Hardt, 2010, “Commonwealth”

Bitcoin represents “the end of the taboo on money,” as Denis Roio wrote in an academic paper. Because fiat money is associated with greed, war and estrangement, it has gained a bad reputation. But, with society’s curiousity in bitcoin, they will learn that a thing like money cannot be itself nefarious. It is merely a medium. Bitcoin, the US dollar, all forms of money, are merely mediums. Humans use it towards certain ends. But they cannot use themselves towards certain ends, good or bad.

In his essay, Roio highlights two memorable events in the history bitcoin he sees as important. The first is the January 2011 financial blockade of bitcoin. Later that year, on May 9, Forbes published its first article on bitcoin, marking a certain turning point. In June of that year bitcoin broke all previous records by trading around $30 for a short time before crashing. Interest in the digital currency was at an all-time high, as Google Trends makes clear. But, why are people so interested in bitcoin?

Americans Prefer Gold Over Bitcoin

[heading]Americans Prefer Gold Over Bitcoin[/heading]

It should come as no surprise that Americans choose gold over bitcoin, as there is a long history of gold in human civilization. And bitcoin has only been around five years…

Nearly half of US citizens know what bitcoin is. Still, only 13% would choose to invest in bitcoin over gold as an investment vehicle, according to a new survey.

The poll of 2,039 adults 18 and over was conducted by Harris Interactive along with a financial management company named Yodlee.

Silver Manipulation Enters A New Era

Is it truly the beginning of the end of precious metals manipulation or has the London silver fix been mostly symbolic for years? Although it is tough to know from the vantage view many of us find ourselves, there have been a lot of helpful hints along the way…

As humanity awakens to the power structure, markets have been scrutinized like never before. The precious metals market has been among the most scrutinized, if not least publicized. Most people who suspect precious metals of being manipulated believe that ALL MARKETS are manipulated, to be sure, meaning the entire economy is nothing but an illusion based on fiat – the belief of the dominant group.

But somethings have historical precedent. The precious metals’ sectors long and storied history put it at the center of the global economy. Most people, sadly, don’t know this.

Despite Ukrainian Chaos, Kiev Still Wants Gold

[heading]Despite Ukrainian Chaos, Kiev Still Wants Gold[/heading]

Allegedly one month ago, under the cover of darkness, Ukraine put its gold reserves onto a plane and shipped them to the US for safekeeping. (they should have asked Germany first about this)

Though this story is not confirmed, amid the chaos in Ukraine, the gold market keeps coming up. And for good reason…

Sure, Ukraine owes Russia massive gas debts and sizeable bond maturities pending. Nevertheless, the first thing Ukraine will spend its International Monetary Fund loan on is gold…one billion dollars worth of gold, in fact. This is a continuation of a trend in Ukraine.

Did You Get Screwed In An IPO?

[heading]Did You Get Screwed In An IPO?[/heading]

USA TODAY reports that regular joe schmoes of the investing world are getting screwed on the crashing value of recent IPOs. Privileged investors, who enter into the shares early, are contrarily winning big.

There have been 41 initial public offerings in the last year, with stocks such as Twitter, Noodles and Sprouts Farmers Market taking their businesses public. In each of these cases, privileged investors who bought shares at the so-called offering price are sitting on massive profits. Most individual investors, however, are suffering massive losses.

“Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices

[heading]”Buy Silver” Maintains Momentum Despite Silver Prices[/heading]

According to Google Trends, although silver sentiment has reached levels approaching those not seen since before the metal began its current bull market in, arguably, 2005, for the search term “silver,” Google users are still engaging the search term “buy silver” on a long-term growth trend, with Google even forecasting that the trend will continue its recent uptick.

American Gold Eagle Bullion Sales Decline

[heading]American Gold Eagle Bullion Sales Decline[/heading]

September is the second month in a row in which American Gold Eagle coins sold much fewer compared to one year ago. At the beginning of August, one month sales of the Gold Eagle reached a six year nadir.

Despite weakness in gold coin sales, the American Silver Eagle bullion coin has continued to sell and remains on pace for record annual sales.