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An Obituary For Coinbase’s Shift Payments Card

The U.S.-based Shift Card, a Visa debit-card service that allowed people to spend cryptocurrencies held on Coinbase, stopped operating this month. In many ways, the Shift Payments card stood above its peers. There was nary an alternative for U.S. residents, while European customers, and those in other non-U.S. countries, have been able to choose between Wirex, Uquid, Cryptopay, and Spectrocoin. Not so in the U.S. 

Rap Legend, Coinbase Investor Nas’ Favorite Bitcoin Charity is

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Did you know that rapper Nas has his own domain on Well, he does (, and the rapper, who has invested in the San Francisco-based Bitcoin exchange, features on this digital property the non-profit

Coinbase Shift Payments Card Provides Boon To US Bitcoin Adoption

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Shift card is one of best use cases for blockchain technology. When your friends say they don’t understand Bitcoin, just show them your Bitcoin debit card and that will go a long way towards their understanding of the revolutionary technology based on the blockchain.

Coinbase launched the first US Bitcoin debit card first in 24 states, allowing individuals to spend bitcoins online and offline at more than 38 million merchants globally. There are no fees on domestic transactions. Coinbase’s fee schedule is here.

Bitcoin Companies Have No Problem Complying

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Many people have opined that Bitcoin is not illegal, such as Chris Kitze. Their argument centers on how the digital currency does not comply with know your customer and anti-money laundering regulations.

But, it’s likely Bitcoin is easily regulatable. In general, it’s business, not the financial instruments themselves, that do the regulating. Incorporated businesses virtually sign documents stating that, if they come across individuals breaking laws, they will report them. This is particularly the case when it comes to the financial industry. Bitcoin companies are generally considered financial companies.

Reports flood the internet about Bitcoin related companies instituting stringent know your customer and anti-money laundering policies – the policies which ensure that people are not profiting from illegal fund moving or terrorist financing.