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Deutsche Bank: Inflation Could Lead to Increased Cryptocurrency Adoption

Deutsche Bank says that inflation could become “more embedded” in the world economy, leading people to later question fiat money. The bank predicts “demand for alternative currencies will therefore likely be significantly higher by the time 2030 rolls around.”

The bank even wonders if, as authorities will face policy dilemmas as they try to balance higher yields with record debt levels, fiat currencies will survive. Read More

S&P Downgrades Barclays, Deutsche & Credit Suisse On Eurozone Uncertainty

[heading]S&P Downgrades Barclays, Deutsche & Credit Suisse On Eurozone Uncertainty [/heading]

S&P is not so sure about European investment banking.

Barclays Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, and Credt Suiise Group all had their credit ratings lowered by Standard & Poor’s due to new rules and “uncertain market conditions.

S&P also said the risks included unstable global markets, the “uncertain implications of the unwinding of quantitative easing measures” and the eurozone crisis. Read More

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