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European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Prepare Public for Quantitative Easing

More Quantitative Easing (QE) could be coming to the US and Eurozone as soon as the end of the year. The European Central Bank is preparing to cut interest rates and start a new round of bond purchases come Autumn to stymy economic uncertainty amid a global economic slowdown. The Federal Reserve has indicated that it too is considering aggressive asset purchases.

ECB Bank president Mario Draghi has made it clear that all options are on the table for the ECB, which oversees an export-driven European economy that is currently enduring a considerable slowdown due to the German economy’s poor economic indicators, tensions between Brussels and Italy over the latter’s budgetary policy, as well as the threat of a No Deal Brexit. Read More

Will The ECB Negative Interest Rate Decision Affect Bitcoin?

[heading]Will The ECB Negative Interest Rate Decision Affect Bitcoin?[/heading]

In a historical decision the European Central Bank (ECB) has lowered interest rates into negative territory, something that will surely heighten the pro-European/anti-European tensions seemingly cropping up throughout the region. The decision resulted in a bitcoin price change, leaving many curious if bitcoin will act like a commodity in the future. Read More

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