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Posts tagged as “finance”

The Second Great Depression Started In 2020

As economies begin to close again, with politicians citing increases in COVID-19 cases, retail sales have been on the increase. For instance, retail sales rose…

The World Wants Cash Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is shocking markets. The United States is now grappling with the disease. Volatility in major indexes have business on edge.

High-End Finance Jobs Will Be Displaced By AI, Too

Artificial intelligence is not just coming for the jobs of barbers and baristas. It is coming for high-paid professions, too. Even financial professionals could see…

Bitcoin: The End Of The Money Taboo?

[heading]Bitcoin: The End Of The Money Taboo?[/heading] “The most powerful forces, those that interest us the most, are not in a specular and negative relation…

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